What to Pack for the Amalfi Coast

What to Pack for the Amalfi Coast

If you’re finding yourself packing for the Amalfi Coast, whether it’s your first time or your regular vacay hangout, congratulations! The beautiful Italian coastlines, vineyards, and architecture of the Amalfi coast are plenty reason to get excited and celebrate! The Amalfi coast is a stunning area in Italy where the beaches are to die for, and the towns are beyond “Instagrammable”… Seaside villages like Amalfi and Positano will surprise you with their incredible food, rich tapestry of culture, breathtaking views, and clear water Mediterranean beaches.

Now I’m a girl who loves the spontaneous, romantic side to life. But when I’m travelling to new places, I also like to be prepared. Knowing what to pack for the Amalfi coast was important to me before I set off for my summer Euro trip this year. Hopefully this packing list helps you feel more confident about what to pack for the Amalfi coast, and lets you focus more on the fun and less on the stress!

What to Pack for the Amalfi Coast:

Sun Protection

Just because a place is dreamy and surreal doesn’t mean you should forget about your skin and the harsh heat! Soaking up too much sun wherever on earth you are- yes, even on the paradisiacal Amalfi coast- still leads to premature skin aging. So don’t forget the sunscreen, floppy hat, and sunnies. Protect your pretty peepers by bringing big sunglasses. The sun reflects off the sea, and you might not appreciate the water’s picturesque beauty through squinted eyes.



It’s not the end of the world if you forget your toothbrush or dry shampoo. There are pharmacies all along the coast. Nonetheless, it’s nice to have your favourite products from home. And to ensure that you won’t be spending most of your vacation time in Italy swatting mosquitoes, don’t forget to bring your bug spray!


The Refresh Factor

The salty ocean can be relentless on your skin during long dreamy boat rides and afternoons on the beach. Keep your skin feeling hydrated and looking dewy and glowing by spritzing some Evian mist every now and then. And bring the aloe vera! Your skin will thank you for the refreshment after being dried out all day.



Research the weather 2-3 days before you fly out. You won’t know exactly what to pack until you do! Either way, make sure you bring the staples like shirts, bottoms, dresses, and a banging swimsuit! Take note that Italians dress well though, so if you want to blend in, pack some nice tops and a few well tailored dresses as well.



I would bring more than one swimsuit, especially if you have access to a pool. Sometimes I find that my swimsuit from the day before still isn’t dry when I’m ready to hit the beach the day after.



If you won’t wear heels walking on the Great Wall of China, you probably won’t want to wear heels walking the towns of the Amalfi Coast. There are many steep lanes and seemingly infinite steps. So unless you want to spend your Italian vacation in an orthopaedic hospital, better pack some good, comfy walking shoes. Bring a pair of cute flip flops for the beach, too! Remember: sand inside your walking shoes is no bueno.


Backpack/ Beach Bag

You’ll have to haul your stuff up and down to the beach. Having a bag with a comfortable strap will make a world of difference once you’re 573 steps in. There are tons of cute totes and backpacks you can dress up (or down) for any Amalfi scenario.



Don’t forget your camera OR charger! You’ll kick yourself if you can’t record any of the beautiful memories you’re bound to make. Feel free to bring the other tech devices that you want too. Airbnbs and hotels are very safe on the coast. Bring your laptop along and get work done if you want to. Now I didn’t, but that’s just me!


 Leave Some Space!

There are tons of cute and personality strong boutiques along the Amalfi Coast. Don’t stuff your suitcase with 15 different yet similar summer dresses. You could pick up some beautiful ceramic works and a bottle of limoncello instead! Also consider bringing an extra duffel bag along in case you need to check another bag on the flight home. Better safe than sorry! xx



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