So yeah, hi :)

So yeah, hi :)

A Kendrick Lamar concert, three weeks in Ghana, a weekend in Kelowna visiting my bestie from uni, loads of meditation, a couple weddings here and there, summer festivals, family business work, a few dozen hikes with my boston terrier Mosi, twice a week workouts with John, life planning, moving, and catching up on reading. That’s partly where I’ve been for the past two months. Just living well 🙂

So well, in fact, that I didn’t have one single minute to put together a blogpost- this whole time! *gasp* #theregoesmycareer #ineededspace #whatdoyoumean #ghostingmyblog #howdoyouyoutube

To be fair (and more honest) Ive also been somewhat depressed… Not the good kind of depression where you’re working through some serious emotions either. Just the good old regular “wtf am I doing with my life, what do I want, what’s the point of it all” kind of stuff… I’m sure you know the kind.

Ps: If I haven’t gotten back to you or reached out to you lately, I’ve been eating yam fries in my bathtub crying and watching food documentaries on Netflix.

Pps: Don’t watch food documentaries on Netflix regarding animal cruelty or how disgustingly poisonous sugar is for you. Does not help the depression.


Needless to say, I haven’t been happy in Vancouver, for more reasons than I care to discuss today. SO I’M FUCKING MOVING TO AFRICA BETCHESSSS!!!

Life is scary short, and I’ve been entirely too blessed to sulk and mope in the wrong situation for long. Ghana has the food, family, weather, inspiration, creativity, and opportunity I’ve been longing for. Knowing what I’m getting myself into doesn’t hurt either. I lived there for almost six years during my adolescence, so the jump isn’t nearly as random as it might seem.

That being said, it’s still pretty impulsive (lol retrogrades anyone?). But life is often at it’s best during the moments you follow your heart. And my newly pescatarian, almost sugar free heart is going to Ghana in less than two weeks.

So yeah, hi 🙂 What’s new with you? xx



  • Oh wow, how exciting to have a bit move like that coming up! I’m glad you were able to take an uncertain and unpleasant time and turn it into something exciting and positive – all the best for the move! 🙂

    Hope you are having a lovely week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog