Smile Brilliant Giveaway!

So I have his cousin with the most perfect teeth I have ever seen. Ever since we were little girls growing up in LA, Raissa had that Stepford Hollywood smile people pay thousands for. And as much as I loved her, I envied her for it. I’m talking impeccably straight and annoyingly white… naturally!

Now I’ve never had to suffer with braces, but I always strived for better teeth. I learned early how powerful a beautiful white smile can be. Having attractive teeth is a sign of good physical health and a HUGE part of your sex appeal. Even more so than having 2 kinds of powders and 3 layers of pencil on your brows.

So I’m collaborating with Smile Brilliant to bring you (and your precious teeth) a teeth whitening kit giveaway! #smilefearlessly

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Whitening with Smile Brilliant

What you get:

3 catalyst pastes
3 base pastes
2 impression trays
6 syringes of desensitizing gel
6 syringes of whitening gel
Instruction guides
Return card and postage-paid envelope (international orders must pay for shipping)



Smile Brilliant review

The Smile Brilliant process starts with creating your personalized trays. This only takes a total of about five minutes to complete. You mix the catalyst paste with the base paste, insert it into the trays and make impressions of your bite.


These impressions then get sent back to the Smile Brilliant lab. There they make customized whitening trays tailored to you. The only downside to experiencing a more comfortable and precise whitening process is the time it takes to get the trays back. A couple weeks isn’t very long. It is, however, a long time when you’re impatient about getting a (more) gorgeous smile! But once your trays come back, your ready to go!



Now I experienced some sensitivity the first few sessions. So instead of whitening everyday as recommended, I whitened every 2-3 days until the sensitivity subsided. Many people experience tooth sensitivity after the whitening process. However, contrary to popular belief, many teeth whitening products have evolved to not damage enamel. Stains are held in the layer beneath enamel, called dentin. To combat this common sensitivity, Smile Brilliant created a desensitizing gel.

The desensitizing gel is magic! Magic that should come with every teeth whitener, but unfortunately doesn’t. Fight sensitivity by applying this gel after whitening sessions. You can also apply before sessions to be preventive. To get similar results, you’d have to get a dentist appointment, then splurge $500+.

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Smile Brilliant Results

The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit Giveaway

If you’re still unsure about Smile Brilliant, you can google tons of honest reviews. Youtubers like Danielle Mansutti show their results too. And if you’re sold and would like to win a free teeth whitening kit yourself, enter the giveaway here! The winner will be announced in two weeks, and receive a $139.95 store credit. You can also get 20$ off by using the code: prettyweirdbombshell.

Goodbye coffee, wine, tobacco etc. stains and hello lasting impressions! GOOD LUCK! And Raissa, don’t enter. It’s not like you need whiter teeth anyhow! xx