How to be Productive Without Anxiety

I’m willing to bet the challenges that adversely affect productivity in your life just. keep. coming. A friendship you cared about drifts away. Your human/ fur baby gets sick. An opportunity you were excited for starts to wear you out. Ugh… If you are living completely anxiety free in 2017, more power to you. Being the master of your stress is hard to say the least. However, if burnout, anixety, lack of motivation, fatigue, etc sound more familiar to you, it may be time to actively practise being productive without anxiety.

Learning to be productive without anxiety has been one of my greatest missions these last few years or so. Typically, goals get set, work begins according to plan, then things start to stray off track (of course as they always do, and always will). That’s where the anxiety usually kicks in. Adding more fuel to the fire, and enjoying said carefully calculated plan being engulfed by the flames. The perfectionist’s nightmare…

Nevertheless, the feeling of anxiety itself isn’t always the problem. Not knowing what to do with your stress symptoms is often the most destructive step in motivation patterns. When you increase your efficiency and decrease your stress, you set yourself up for success. You end up with more control on how anxiety affects your productivity.

Increasing Productivity and Decreasing Anxiety:

Accept that anxiety may be inevitable.

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. If you can accept that some anxiety is inevitable, you can learn how to work with it instead of against it. Some situations may always give you some amount of anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid these tasks or diminishing how you feel, it may be best just to accept the feeling as part of the experience.

The more you view anxiety as routine and normal, the less power it can have over you. Successful people experience fear too. They just choose to find a way to persevere in spite of it. Try to remember that anxiety and fear are natural reactions. If you’re able to, choose to focus on the task in front of you rather than the fear related to it.

Prioritize healthy sleep.

Get a healthy amount of sleep! You already know what to do. Just do it. Seriously.

Skip the caffeine.

When you’re trying to beat deadlines and backlogs, caffeine can be a kind friend. However, the energy boost may not be worth it if you find yourself particularly stressed or anxious. Caffeine can turn out to be quite the frenemy and exacerbate anxiety. Drink plenty of water or herbal non-caffeinated teas instead. And if you still need the extra energy, drop down and give yourself twenty. A little physical movement goes a long way for mentally waking up.

Distinguish productive worry from unproductive worry.

Anxiety can be either productive or unproductive. Unproductive anxiety usually amounts to worrying about things that are out of your control. And if you can’t do anything to control a situation, you’re probably wasting time and energy by worrying about it.

On the contrary, productive anxiety generally amounts to worry about things you do have the power to change. If you are worried about a presentation you have to give to your boss, you can acknowledge your anxiety and take the steps necessary to help you be best prepared for the presentation.

Meditate daily.

Taking as little as 5 minutes to sit down quietly, even if it’s somewhere loud like Starbucks, can be day changing. Now that I regularly check in with my physical and emotional body, I cant see myself not doing so.

Meditation actually does all the mellow ooey gooey stuff you’ve undoubtedly read about 49 times. And it does customarily take a lot of practise before you truly feel the benefits of meditation. However, when you do get there- you’ll find a powerful tool to help control your stress symptoms.

Listen to a chill playlist.

Music has been the muse of poets, philosophers and novelists for ages. Why shouldn’t it work for you too? Just as with your other senses, curating the sounds around you can strongly influence your intentions. Think about the music that touches the strand of life at your core. You know, the music that gives you chills? That kind of music will often inspire you, and decrease stress too…

Focus on yourself more.

Fuelling your inner green-eyed monster will always hurt you more than it will anyone else. Envy not only makes you miserable, it also makes it harder to get ahead in your career and reach your goals. People will be more successful than you, and they will be less successful than you. When you focus on your personal improvement in your work, rather than hitting someone else’s checkpoints, you’re more likely to succeed and set achievable goals.

Exercise in the moment.

If you’re feeling tense and anxious in your seat, don’t bear it! Take a few minutes to stretch and move a little, even it it’s just by your desk. If you have on functional clothing, you can even do some more physical exercises (like pushups and jump squats). I promise you’ll feel better!


  • I just hopped over from another blog which discussed about anxiety and I was voicing my frustration at how loosely the term ‘anxiety’ is used this days. There’s a huge difference between anxiety than worrying about your Sephora parcel arriving one day late…like seriously, some people needs to be educated and it gives such a bad name to the real sufferer. Will be sharing this post, Kandja and hopefully it’ll help someone out there. xx

  • Great tips girlie! I’m trying to get more exercise in everyday and sleeping at regular set times so I don’t have crazy insomnia like I often do lol! xo, sharon

  • I need to start meditate or take some yoga classes because my anxiety has increased.

  • love the material on that skirt! good advice on what is productive worrying : )

    Lacee |

  • Elisha

    I so love this post babe! Such a great help to those went through anxiety and don’t know what to do then! Great post and I’m really looking forward to new post something like this! Have a great day and hope you could visit my blog too sooner!

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  • This is so important for today’s girl bosses trying to do it all! Love the idea of separating productive worry from unproductive worry, and a soft playlist can definitely help the focus – epecially classical music. If it’s super fun music then I just start dancing which isn’t productive either! 😛

    Chow Down USA

  • Lisa Sell

    Some good tips for staving off anxiety. It should be added that if you have anxiety regularly that you should also see a medical professional for extra help too.

  • Jess Bailey

    It’s so much easier said than done to even get enough sleep, exercise or motivation! So to anyone who is living this life, how do you even start???

  • Marissa Pedersen

    Great tips! Cutting out coffee and getting enough sleep has been a lifesaver in my anxiety with work.

  • Sarah Startz

    Love this! I definitely struggle with anxiety and worrying getting in the way of everything I actually need to get done. I’ve found meditation to be the most effective for me so far. I’m currently in total denial of caffeine being part of the cause though! Ha!

    xoxo, Sarah


    This is really good… I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately because I just want to keep on working (on my blog) which is just silly. Right now I’m typing this and I’m actually super tired. Maybe I should just take a nap now. Thanks for the tips!

  • Floetic Soul

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips! I’ve been struggling with anxiety and stress and have had to cut out the coffee and other caffeine products, among other things. The struggle is real cause I miss my coffee too lol

  • John Mulindi

    Very motivating tips. Picked some that I can put in practice.

  • Meghan Silva

    I have found meditation an exercise to help me greatly with my anxiety. These are really great tips.

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  • Thanks for sharing those helpful tips!

  • I agree with everything you’ve listed!!! Anxiety is inevitable and you definitely need to accept it and start doing something about it. Thanks for sharing these tips <3

  • First of all I love these photos of you! They’re so pretty! Secondly, I couldn’t agree more. 2 years ago after personal heartbreak and stress I broke down and cell or terms with my anxiety. I was called a paranoid control freak by someone here and technically they weren’t wrong, I was terrified of nor being in control of things that happened to me or loved ones. But letting go and learning to meditate and focus my energies more productively was immensely helpful. These tips are amazing! I’m bookmarking this post for my bad anxiety days!

    Xoxo Ellie

  • Kelly Alex

    We get stressed way too easily and our anxiety def kicks in. Sometime taking a step back from things like social media helps us and to just focus what is going on. Thanks so sharing!

  • Kelly Hoggons (Velvet and Vibr

    This outfit is incredible! You gave such great advice as well!

    Kelly x

  • Anxiety is a natural thing and is supposed to protect you from harm. But sometimes it causes you harm by consuming you. So these types of tips are always helpful. I try to be mindful and when I get anxious use breathing or a mantra to help me through it. It’s also important to find the reason behind your anxiety and talk yourself through it. The caffeine tip is great and I’m thinking about switching to kombucha for energy over my usual chai.

    xx Yasmin

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    Oh my goodness! Your photos are stunning! I love your look and perfect legs!
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