Are Palazzo Pants Worth It?

Flared pants are making a comeback. Personally, I find the trend super cute, but definitely not timeless. Hence why the bell bottoms movement becomes popular for a couple years or so every few decades… I much prefer a beautiful classic wide pant cut, like the palazzo pant. They’ve been consistently in style, as well tailored, structured pieces tend to be (cue the trench and wrap dress).

If you’ve been hesitant about pulling the trigger on a pair of these bad boys, here are just a few reasons why palazzo pants are a great investment for any wardrobe. Luckily for us, there’s no need to break the bank for the perfect pair either! They are:




Rarely can pants look good on all types of booty! You can style a fabulous pair of palazzo pants with a simple white blouse for work, or an intricate crop top to take the look from professional to modern. You can also throw on your palazzo pants with a vintage concert t-shirt for a very casual off duty look.



When you dress comfortably, you feel more at ease and self-assured. These babies are comfortable AND flattering. The flowy fabric adds a beautiful element of femininity but also gives you the movement freedom of basically being naked. If there’s ever a time to be caught in a Capoeira flash mob it would be in a pair of palazzo pants.

African fan


Midriff cleavage is quickly becoming ‘our favourite’ kind of sexy twist again. There are tons of trendy culotte and crop top sets in stores right now. However, a well tailored pair of palazzo pants will always be in style, even after all the ab action. Choose a classic structured pant in a fabric you love for a timeless fashion investment that won’t have you cringing 2 years later and thinking, “what on earth was I smoking?!”.



As a reformed shopaholic, I try to be thoughtful about my purchases. Even so, there was no hesitation on grabbing this matching set!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.55.19 PM


So yeah, hi 🙂

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  • your abs!! love all the pictures! glad samantha was able to hook it up with you eventually ahah she was telling me she really wanted to shoot with you 🙂

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks babe! I think I like your abs more! glad I was able to have a photo shoot with her . She is amazing! xx

  • You look Gorgeous in your Outfit! I love everything about this look!
    Great post! And you really look STUNNING!
    Keep it up^_^

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks for the love! xx

  • You can rock anything but you’ve inspired me to maybe give these pants a try!

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks boo! But for me, you can rock any bikini! xx

  • You’re beautiful Kandja! Love this ensemble on you <3 xo, sharon

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks doll! I love your blog–so fun and stylish! You know your dresses very well! xx

  • Can I just say how much I love your new hair and this outfit is everything! I’d totally wear it 🙂

    Stay Amazing,
    Boyu Ba

    • kandjasylla

      I’m so glad you love my new hair! I’m loving it too. You know how to rock those ripped jeans babe. xx

  • Miss Sweet & Chic

    Wow!! You look beautiful in all those poses & pics!! You define perfection! Love ur eyes & brows too incredible!! Have a great evening Xoxoxo

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks for stopping by love! xx

  • I totally love this outfit! You look incredible amazing. And I’m obsessesssesed with your hair!
    Happy Friday, babe!
    Xx, Raysa

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks babe! Glad you like my new hair. xx

  • I am dying to get a pair of white wide legged pants but most are so freaking transparent! Never thought of looking through Boohoo though, so thank you for the recommendation!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • kandjasylla

      I know you will rock it! I love your posts btw–helps me decide more about my skin regimen! xx

  • Love the color of this matching set. I agree, palazzo pants are chic and timeless. The sandals you paired this outfit with are gorgeous too! Excellent outfit! xoxo, Christine

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks Christine! You’re so sweet! I love how you pair your outfits with adorable sunnies. xx

  • I like palazzo pants in theory but the fit must be perfect. I tend to stay away from them because of fit issues. I’m tall, have a small waist and have hips and a butt. Pants hardly fit in the waist and with palazzo pants they seem to run too short for me so they end up looking like high water pants. I do like your set and the color is fab! On a side not I am digging that fan as well.

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks babe! I like how you know your body so well–it shows with the choices of skirts or outfits from your blog. xx

  • i love palazzo pants too, altho i’m a little hesitant to invest in them cos i’m not that tall so i have to be careful in choosing when i need to buy,. you look divine in this look!!

    xo, Carla

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks Carla! I like the 90s inspo in your blog btw! xx

  • You look stunning! love your outfit!

  • You are gorgeous and love the exposed midriff

    • kandjasylla

      Gee thanks for being so sweet! I super like the feminine and delicate dresses from your blog. xx

  • Looking good in this outfit boo 🙂 I could not agree more… comfort is the most important when it comes to an outfit!!!
    Orange is really your color <3


    • kandjasylla

      Thanks boo! I know, I’m loving the color orange! xx

  • Looking at your gorgeous photos I can say for sure that palazzo pants really worth it! You look spectacular wearing them! Also, your makeup is on point, girl! What a gorgeous lipstick you are wearing!

  • You’re so cute! I don’t think I can make palazzo pants work because I’m short and petite, but you look amazing in them!


  • Stunning!! Adoring this whole look on you!

    mallory |

  • you are breathtaking beautiful and I love this look

  • This look is stunning! Love it!

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