New Year, Still Me

*Sorry I’ve been MIA! I’ve been exploring my butt off in Indonesia :)*

I promise this won’t be another one of those painfully optimistic resolutions posts. You know the ones I’m talking about. Like “Here’s how to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions” (yeah right) or “Out with the old and in with the New” (errr….)

First of all, when did the old become so awful anyhow? I quite like myself actually. And I’m ALREADY constantly trying to improve and become a more fulfilled, happy, and healthy human being. I have been since I’ve had consciousness, and so have you.

As for the new, change is not something that is implemented through a list dated Jan 1. Change is slow, steady, and nearly imperceivable. Have you ever really woken up one day and felt different? I haven’t. Especially not on my 13th birthday when I thought I would wake up feeling like a grown woman, who didn’t want to play with barbies anymore. No word of a lie, I would still play with barbies if I had the courage to buy one in Toys’R’us (please god please let my future daughter or son LOVE barbies). I also expected 13 to be the year I finally grew some boobs! It wasn’t. 18 was… *Silent thank you to the padded bras out there who helped make my late puberty seem that much more manageable.

I’m ALREADY constantly trying to improve and become a more fulfilled, happy, and healthy human being.

While the year may be literally new, you aren’t. We’re not sociopathic robots (at least not ALL of us) that can control our impulses and behaviour with strict resolutions. Just because you write on a list that you won’t eat sugar and that you’ll work out 5,678 times a day for the rest of your life doesn’t mean you’ll be able to. But if you can, please contact me. I need you to take over this blog…

Rather, I’m choosing to continue chugging along. My goal is to live a good human experience. Unless you are truly hurting yourself or someone around you, change should be natural to be lasting. And because I’m not a gangster gypsy physic, I would rather not set myself up for public failure by coming up with ways I’ll be changing this 2017. Rather, here’s a reflection on the last year. I:

– Started my blog, and more recently, started monetizing my brand
– Made incredible breakthroughs with my therapist
– Fell in love with yoga and started working out regularly (after 8 years of having this as a resolution it finally came to me when I stopped forcing it!)
– Started working with a naturopath
– Travelled to Ghana, France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Coachella, Big Sur, LA, Mexico and Whistler 4x (holy CRAP this year has been awesome!)
– Learned how to code (still a newbie)
– Made incredible new friends, and lost some not so great ones
– Grew my Vancouver Meetup group to 1000+ members
– Bought my first place, and started renovating
– Stopped wearing bras (this is one of my FAVES!! lol. But actually.)

new year kandja sylla

As for this year, I have no idea in which ways I’ll grow and get better. Nonetheless, I trust myself enough to not stress about forcing it. I DO know that I’m excited to share my journey with you all though! It never ceases to amaze and humble me that you take time out of your day to hang out. Happy New Year beautiful doves!

Stay fucking weird xx


  • Fantastic post Kandja! It’s refreshing to read a different take on the new year and I’m 100% on board with thought of just living a good human experience, great share!

    – Harleen
    My Eunoia | @harleenbola

  • Love this and completely agree with you! We should be constantly improving and a calendar is just a bunch of dates. But the idea of not wearing bras this year does sound amazing haha x

  • Finally someone who writes and has the same thoughts as me…can I say I fucking love you? Seems like 2016 has been a great year for you, Kandja and here’s to wishing you the best of 2017 will grace your life! xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Jessi Joachim

    This is amazing! First, congratulations on all of your accomplishments in 2016 and may 2017 be even better.

    I agree that resolutions don’t work. Change is, like you said, slow and steady not all at once. We have to want it, not just do it because the year is new.

  • Andrea

    Looks like you had a great year! Change is definitely a process and not something that happens overnight. I agree with always bettering yourself regardless, we are all growing. Stay amazing babe!

    xx Andrea

  • I love your reflections of the past year! And bras are seriously the worst haha!!


  • Zorica Miteva
  • Ariel Theresa

    You are definitely a bombshell!! You’re stunning!! I love that you make improvements over the course of your life. I don’t like the new year, new me stuff. Like you said, I love me and when I need to make changes I do!! Personally I just take a step back to look at the larger picture on NY. It reminds me to take a step back! Happy 2017!!

  • This post is so perfectly written and love to read a different spin on the new year!! You had a great last year and you look absolutely gorgeous in these photos! So jealous of all your amazing travels!

    sarah //

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    You travelled to some amazing places! So good to see you love yoga too, it’s never something I’ve been able to get into but since you stopped trying and it came naturally, it might for me too!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  • You are so right babe! I’m all for goals and personal progress through the year and how much we may wish – there’s no magic that happens over the night. Anyways, thank you for the reminder of writing down what I was happy with regarding 2016 and things I want to embrace even further. Hope you had a lovely time in Indonesia babe! Xx

  • YESSSS! You look amaaazing and so stunning Kandja! I totally agree, you don’t have to wait until a certain day to start doing something! You’ve accomplished so much this last year and I’m so proud of you and Pretty Weird Bombshell! Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in 2017! Can’t wait to see you when you’re back! Lots of love xx- Mitra

  • Stopped wearing bras? I’ve gotta get that on my list. Although I feel kinda loosey goosey without one when I work out. Maybe because I’m so used to it? But yeah, I’m all for letting the boobies breathe haha. Love the reflections list. That’s a great reason to look at the past. Celebrate your victories and learn (not wallow) from your mistakes. Here’s to an amazing rest of your life!

    Also, I saw that pic you posted on Instagram of your mom – now I see where you get your beauty!

    xx Yasmin

  • Stellah charles

    I really like your blog in general? I have been going through your articles
    I like, nice post dear.

  • Love this!! I think it’s so easy to say we’ll make huge resolutions and changes that aren’t realistic and then we get annoyed that we didn’t do those resolutions lol. Change does needs to be something we do all the time not just once a year. We should be constantly changing ourselves and learning new things. Here’s to a new year of improvements and adventuresee and learning 🙂


  • Your 2016 seems to have been truly amazing! Love the recap list and following along your journey babe, here’s to an even better and bigger 2017 love!!!
    xx, Kusum |

  • Amy

    Cheers to an even better 2017, babe! You’re an inspiration to everyone. Keep on smiling and being you!

    xx, Amy

  • this is great, i agree with staying true to yourself! p.s. your vacation looks amazing on Instagram! nice way to start 2017 🙂

  • Happy New Year gorgeous! Hope you are having a great vacay!
    I never have any resolutions as I actually keep changing my mind every now and then and I don’t think I can stick to it.
    I just take the year as it comes and enjoy along with it.
    Hope you will have a great 2017!
    Richa | Fancier’s World

  • I’m jealous of all your travels!

    I totally agree that change is slow and steady, and that we should embrace our old selves as well. I was pretty good in 2016. Yeah, I want to be better this year, but that doesn’t mean totally starting over with who I am!

  • Nicole Parise

    Wow! That is a lot of stops last year, I am envious! Also the no bra thing, perhaps someday! I am not brave enough haha.

    xx nicole

  • Awesome post!!! Love your outlook on, well, everything!!! You are so beautiful in all your photos! Hope the new year brings you lots of fun, love and laughter! xo

    Luci’s Morsels | fashion. food. frivolity.

  • April Serio

    Great post. I am the same way too. I never do resolutions, I am constantly doing changes throughout the year. I love your style girl and you are so pretty ! #goals

  • Emilie

    Really love the look! So excited for what’s to come in 2017.

  • You are suchhhh a babe! I want your tan and perfect smile hehe happy new year! xoxo, sharon

  • 2016 was so good to you! I hope 2017 will be even better.
    Btw. You are stuuuuuning so beautiful.
    xo | Cindy

  • Elise Richard

    Aw! I love you so much. These pictures are sooooo beautiful. I think I want to join you in not wearing bras this year. Sounds like a great idea. 🙂


  • Rell Kiri

    Awwh wow seems like you had a great year! Hope you have an even better one this year (ps. I’m jealous of all the places you’ve travelled too! I need to catch up 😛

    Foirell |

  • Last year has been incredible for you, so keep on chugging along, like you said! You’re obviously living it up and loving life. Resolutions need to sit their ass down and let you be free and happy!

    Style Tomes