Must Try Vancouver Brunch

Must Try Vancouver Brunch

It doesn’t get much more Sex in the City than Sunday Brunch. On Monday, I usually get back to the reality of my hustle and hectic schedule, but at brunch, I can be Carrie Bradshaw. Whether that means dripping in diamonds or drowning in cozy knitwear, it’s always a great time getting the girls together and exploring the wonderful world of breakfast food. Nothing says “I love you girl” like bottomless mimosas!

Weekday breakfast is usually some random combination of tea, smoothie, fruit or bagel — or toxic cereal if I’ve managed to sneak lucky charms into my apartment! Its not often I can justify eating a whipped cream-loaded stack of French toast, 2 lattes, a side of bacon, and a cornbread breakfast sandwich while wearing sweatpants and a glittery turban…

There’s no cleaning up after yourself, there’s fancy coffee, there’s day drinking and there are no alarm clocks involved. I get to wear what I want and eat a lot, what else is there to live for?!

If you’re in Vancouver these are must visit brunch spots!


Vancouver Brunch


This place has MASTERED the waffle! They are fluffy and perfectly sweet and come with toppings like mixed berry compote, salted caramel and white chocolate pistachio to name a few. Some of my favourite restaurants in the city have a great brunch menu with more selections that mix the breakfast and the lunch/dinner menu together for dishes that aren’t available other times. Chamber does this wonderfully! If you want to eat these awesome dishes, you have to go in for brunch, so that alone is a great motivation.

vancouver brunch

Cafe Medina:

This is a Vancouver staple and Chambar’s sister restaurant. The line starts 30 minutes before the place even opens and it’s typical for people to wait 90 minutes or longer to eat here! They are very comfort food oriented with stacks of pancakes, eggs with hash browns and hollandaise sauce on nearly anything you want. That only sounds gross until you have the dog of all hangovers!

pwb farmers

Farmer’s apprentice:

This cozy, rustic little restaurant specializes in farm to table meals. Their menu changes weekly based on what is naturally in season from local, organic, and sustainable farms. The food is always delicious, different and unique. Not many places can make a picky eater crave grilled octopus on fingerling potatoes with sesame kale and soft poached eggs…

pwb deacons


This is a dive diner that is just so easy to love! The decor is 50’s inspired (it may actually just be that old!) and the menu is extremely affordable and diverse. Think less corporate Ihop. It’s located right at the line of gentrification which means it’s a watering hole perfect for degenerate hungover people, casual first dates and hardcore hipsters alike.

If you’ve tried any of my favourite spots or have different favourite brunch places on your list let me know! We could go together! I can always use more great girlfriends 🙂

  • This looks so good! Love discovering new brunch spots! Will def try this one when I make my way to Vancouver 🙂

    • kandjasylla

      I hope you come out soon! Summers in Vancouver are absolutely to die for! x

  • I love Cafe Medina! Also, Chambar was pretty good too (the company was even better;)) But I definitely want to check out Farmer’s Apprentice! Also, I heard Yolks is delicious – we’ll have to go! <3 -Mitra

  • Mmmm…Chicken and Waffles, hell yeah! Great post, I need to check out some of these places yummmmy!

  • Kym

    Jam Cafe on Beatty is fantastic!

  • This looks yummy! I don’t live over there, but this inspires me to look for brunch spots near mt area!

  • Dom

    This looks freaking delicious. I’ll bookmark this for my next trip out to Van City. Thanks so much!

  • OMG I love all these brunch places you listed! I, too, love brunch!! Pinning this for future use 🙂

  • We hear really great things about the food scene there, and these features look so delicious. We’re big brunch fans too! A visit to Vancouver is long overdue!

  • That brunch looks so yummy!! I have to go to Vancouver to try it.

  • I live for a good Sunday brunch. It’s the bast time of the week. Those suggestions look delicious and I’ll definitely add it to my Pinterest board so that I can refer back to it.

  • YUM! This all looks so good, especially those waffles!