Breakfast- A Major Key to Getting Your Summer Bod

Breakfast- A Major Key to Getting Your Summer Bod

The killer summer bod takes more than working out a couple times a week and keeping your fingers crossed. You have to commit to being as healthy on the inside as you want to look on the outside. It’s easy to skip breakfast for some people, myself included. You get busy with your day, ideas, people, and life, and next thing you know its 1 o’clock and you haven’t had two breadcrumbs to rub together… How awful! If there’s one meal to not skip, it would be breakfast. It’s the first thing you fuel yourself with and also kickstarts your metabolism for the day.


I have a metabolism on steroids (thank you mom!), but even I notice a difference in my body, and mood, when I consistently skip breakfast. It makes sense though! When you eat food, your metabolism speeds up to process it. The earlier you eat, the sooner your body starts processing calories and giving you energy instead of making fat. Having a faster metabolism helps turn fat into muscle and is essential to getting healthy and fit.

When you’re mindful about the first thing you put in your body in the day you usually stay mindful for the rest of the day too, choosing snacks like celery and peanut butter instead of those deliciously evil cookies they sell in 6 packs at whole foods.


What should you be eating for breakfast to help get that summer bod and fuel your day? Nutrient filled foods. Anything with fruit, vegetables, protein (to build up those abs) and healthy grains like chia, hemp and oats… Green smoothies and acai bowls are some of my favourite go-tos because they’re so easy to make and they don’t take much time from your morning routine.

I’m not going to lie, moulding yourself into what you want (physically AND mentally) is hard as balls! Why make the process any more arduous by not having a delicious breakfast?

Good luck achieving your fitness goals bombshells! The world doesn’t know what’s coming…

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