OMG It’s Long Enough! X eShakti

OMG It’s Long Enough! X eShakti


I’ve lived with struggling to find the right lengths and cuts of clothes for years. Jeans are NOT made for my length of leg. Neither are short dresses, which on a 5’10 me are basically t-shirts with the mrs. hanging out. Let’s just say the struggle is real… So when I had the opportunity to shop online with eShakti, in sweatpants of course, AND to have my pieces fit perfectly, I had to jump on the ball.

It’s no secret that I love a great online store, especially one that is “all women” friendly. eShakti caters to EVERY shape and size, with the help of you sending them your measurements. Every item ends up being the exact right fit for you, whether you’re 3 feet tall and 200 pounds or 7 feet tall and 80. With options like adjusting neckline, length, hemline, and even fabric, it’s no surprise you end up with a perfectly tailored product that goes beyond just great sizing.




So this eShakti dress arrives with all of my customizations and OMG it’s long enough! I’m not going to lie, I was going to pair it with a leather jacket and some booties and rock the whole off duty model thing. But I was so happy with the end result that instead I shot this look right outside my place, barefoot, and jumping for joy with Mosi (who was realistically probably celebrating something else). It’s almost been a year since I graduated from UBC, and even though I wasn’t planning on adulting as hard as getting customized clothes anytime soon, I’m glad I did.

*Sigh* Finally eShakti– a pretty dress for a friendly giant… #realfashionforrealpeople








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