Little Bouquet Vancouver

You know those Instagram accounts that really draw you in? Perfectly poured lattes, artful stationary flatlays, and sweet little flower arrangements always pull me in aesthetically. What can I say? I’m a sucker for an impeccably curated feed! So when I stumbled onto the @littlebouquetvancouver Instagram, it was an immediate follow. What I didn’t expect, was to get to know the brand, and the team behind it, that much better too…

Steph and her husband Dan started Little Bouquet Vancouver less than a year ago, and have since established an affordable, reliable, and oh so beautiful bouquet brand. For a total of 20$, you get a hand delivered bouquet to any location within Vancouver! So if you’ve been wanting to send your mom flowers, but haven’t wanted to pay out the hefty fine, Little Bouquet is perfect for you. Because people deserve fresh flowers on more than 2 days a year…



Get to know Little Bouquet Vancouver better:

What do you love about having your own business?

Steph: My favourite thing about being entrepreneurial has to be the thrill, the excitement, and the potential to create something special everyday. Then seeing the positive impact it has on others.

What you do and why you do it:

We’re essentially a florist but with a twist. Little Bouquet Vancouver is an online business and was started because we noticed that, while receiving flowers was awesome, sending them was often expensive, and actually knowing what to send was harder than working out what to have for dinner!

We knew that the joy of getting flowers wasn’t dependent on the size or cost of the bouquet. It was more about the gesture, so we thought there had to be a better way. Little Bouquet Vancouver is all about making flower-giving more accessible. To enable the people of Vancouver to send flowers for any reason, big or small.

What makes you different from a traditional florist:

Simplicity is the big thing. We have just one style of flowers each day, based on what’s fresh and looking good at the market. Our Little Bouquets are smaller than a traditional bunch and you can send them for just $20, including delivery in Vancouver.

Is there an order deadline (aka, if it’s the day of my anniversary, can you save my butt)?

There’s no real deadline or notice required for a delivery, we just keep going until we run out of flowers for that day. We can run out of flowers as early as 10:30am on busy days or as late as 2:30pm.

Lastly, how do you make those bouquets so darn cute!

I love what I do and I think that’s what helps! I’ve always loved flowers & art, but was never a florist. I received plenty of flowers from my husband, friends & family, and also sent just as many. In part, being so involved from a customers point-of-view and understanding what my husband goes through to pay & send flowers helped me realise the potential and opportunity to start Little Bouquet Vancouver.

I have fun with it, there is not set rule, I kinda draw it up in my head and then go from there! They don’t always come out the way you imagined it. But I have a great bunch of people around me that are super honest (and supportive) and tell it has it is.