The Jord Watches Giveaway!

Giveaway Time! With Christmas coming up around the corner (and yes 48 sleeps until Christmas is right around the corner!), tis the season to win a Jord Watches wood watch! A watch hasn’t been just a means to tell time for years now—it is a fashion statement too. So if you’re the type who likes watches that are unique and trendy—and at the same time safer for your skin, Jord is the brand for you:




Natural and Trendy

Jord specializes in watches fashioned out of wood. With Jord Watches, wood is no longer confined to those scary old grandfather clocks that go dong during the witching hour… They’re incredibly fashionable, mainly because of how unique they are. I’m sure you’ve recognized these babies on your media feeds before!

Stainless steel watches and its other metallic cousins are a dime-a-dozen. Jord on the other hand focuses solely on wood models. Their watches come in a variety of choices such as: Acacia, Bamboo, and Ebony, so they have a piece and colour set for every occasion imaginable. Whether you pair your watch with a sweater and jeans, or dress it up with an LBD- you’re bound to attract some positive attention! I have received a compliment EVERY time I’ve worn my Fieldcrest in Zebrawood and Maple. It’s almost spooky! #jordmagic


Jord watches are made from the highest quality woods available. They do however demand more tender love and care than your average run-of-the-mill steel watch. For one, they are not water-resistant, so submerging your piece in water is never a good thing. They’re also more suspect to sudden weather changes; both hot and cold temperatures can cause adverse effects on your item, so keep your model inside the box when not being used.

*Every watch does come with a one-year warranty however, so don’t lose sleep at night worrying about having to replace fancy parts.

Shopping Experience

The Jord Watches brand focuses on minimalist concept for their designs—and that translates to their website as well. It’s easy to navigate through their user interface and find any products or information you’re looking for. Not to mention, they will also customize your watch to your wrist size before sending it over to you should you so chose. Refer to their extensive FAQ for any inquiries, or reach out to a representative anytime. Their product catalogue can easily be found under the materials section, which also details the wood used for the watches. Oh, and they have a pretty cool #hashtag (#jordwatch) section featuring tweets and posts from people who love their watches!

The Jord Giveaway

All you have to do to enter to win a Jord Watches design is click here and enter your name and email. Then chose the model you would like sent to you if you win and keep your fingers crossed. All entrants win a 20$ coupon code to shop with Jord, so everybody wins! It’s that easy. Good luck! xx


Luxury Wood Watch

*This Post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches*