How to Style the Dashiki

how to style the dashiki

For several years now, the western world has been accepting African culture as societal #goals (cue the “kardashian” cornrows fad, the obsession with squatting, and the affinity for local “Beyonce” dancing). However, never have I noticed so many different kinds of people rocking the dashiki! This identifiable west african design is making its stamp in our street fashion AND our haute couture.

Maybe you’ve considered being adventurous and trying a dashiki, but don’t know how to style it without losing your own culture and style. Or maybe this is the first time you’re even hearing about them. A dashiki is a loose-fitting, cotton or linen unisex shirt usually sewn from colourful African prints, often with patch pockets and embroidery at the neckline and cuffs. And this tunic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! So how does the modern woman style this baby without looking like a tourist on a safari?

Blue Dashiki


1. Choose colours that flatter your skin tone

The african girl in me just melts over bright colours. Rocking african prints and textures is an easy way for me to get that fix. These bad boys come in EVERY colour- orange, green, lavender, you name it. With the range of options, finding your perfect dashiki starts with you choosing a colour you know you can rock and feel confident in. If your tan has refused to cooperate this year, work more towards cool blue and purple colours than bright reds and yellows.

dashiki and louboutins

blogger details

2. Dashiki accessories on fleek

Matchy accessories will help keep your look tied together and stylish. Reach for elegant metallics or simple pieces that flow together. Because the dashiki is so bold and patterned, you’ll want to keep your accessories in the background. You don’t want to have too much going on! Aka- if you want to showcase your new tassel earrings with those 4 chokers and 12 bangles and new watch at the same time, don’t throw the Picasso of shirts into the mix…

black louboutin pumps

 3. Add some cute heels

A cute pair of heels really does make every look that much better! The same goes for styling the dashiki. Stilettos and pumps will elongate your legs and elevate your look. Be warned that clunky wedges with such a busy oversized top will say less modern fashionista and more “I was in a rush”.

black leather shorts


4. Pair it with cute jeans or shorts

I paired my tunic with leather shorts to keep the focus on the dashiki and match with my accessories. Jeans or shorts will allow you the movement and structure that a mini skirt couldn’t for this look. This is a more top heavy trend, so stay sleek and minimalistic on the bottom to avoid being swallowed.

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  • Raysa Garcia

    You are rocking this look babe! Perfectly styled it.
    Xx, Raysa

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      You’re always the best babe!x

  • Katrina Fernandez

    I really admired your hair! You are gorgeous, loving every bit of this look. You look so good. Head to toe!

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    xoxo, Katrina | Instagram: katrinaisha

  • I adore how you styled it! The leather shorts make it so much edigier!


    Tamara –

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Thanks Tamara! The leather accents keep the look cleaner I think 🙂

  • OMG I need your legs girl! You are killing it! The top looks amazing with those leather shorts. Perfect styling <3 xo, sharon

  • When I saw your post I began thinking about the Dashiki really. It looks fantastic and you as well. 🙂 kisses

  • Ruthie Ridley

    You are the style queen! I love this post so much. Those shoes are to die for and I basically need the entire outfit! Xx

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      I would LOVE to see you rocking a dashiki Ruthie! xx

  • Love how you styled this! And the way you tucked it in is so cute. Plus you have legs for days girl!

    xx Yasmin

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Tucking it in definitely help the look not be overwhelming! Your blog is the ISH btW!

  • Lovely styling tips, so chic to add a bit of edge with the shorts and the heels! So good! And love the vibrant pattern! Xx

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Yay for bright colours!

  • I love this look! Amazing styling. Your makeup is flawless as well! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Love, Lindsey

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Thanks mama! It’s just chapstick and anastasia brow powder… Sometimes less is more! x

  • These photos are great! It’s like I can see your personality through them as well as through your outfit. I’m really enjoying this post. Nicely done 🙂


    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      I appreciate the lovely compliments Iga! You have amazing style xx

  • Looking fabulous! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    xo, Jennifer

  • This looks amazing! The styling is just perfect.

  • Love the outfit, You look so pretty!!!

  • Bernice Abuan

    Fabulous outfit! I’ve never considered wearing something like this but the way you styled it makes me want to!

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    TOTAL BABE!!!!! Love everything about this post! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Len

  • Bryanna Greene

    Super cute way to style the Dashiki! Lovely <3