How to Plan an Epic Road Trip

How to Plan an Epic Road Trip

Planning an epic road trip takes a lot more work than you would think! There are dozens of movies where a group of people spontaneously jump into a car and have the best summer of their lives. Okay thanks Hollywood, but it takes more than a 30 second montage to organize the perfect trip… You can still have those incredible, spontaneous, spur of the moment moments with a little effort and some planning. Plus you can skip the uncomfortable stomach from eating at that sketchy, unrated taco joint! There are four main things to look into when organizing your epic road trip:

The Route

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Deciding on a route is the biggest decision. Do you want to stay more local and explore your province or state? Or do you want to go as far as possible and fly down to Nicaragua, rent a car, and drive across the country? Whichever you chose, have a foolproof way to navigate; whether its your iPhone (just make sure you’ll be getting service wherever you’re going), or an actual paper map. Each route will have awesome unique stops (coffee shops, look outs, etc) along the way, so do your research to make the most of your vacation.

The Food


Websites like Yelp and Trivago are indispensable when you’re in a new city. Why not try the best restaurants, smoothie bars, and cafes while you’re there? Knowing your options ahead of time will also help you make more informed decisions if you have a budget to consider. Not to be forgotten are car snacks! I would love to say I travel with cute little ziplock baggies filled with fruit and nuts, but personally, I’m a flaming hot cheetos kind of girl. Bring YOUR favourite snacks along. You’ll thank yourself when you’re on the road…

The People


Are you going alone, with some girlfriends, with a new love? The people you bring with you can make or break a trip. So much of the “epicness” of a road trip is the bonding experience, even if it’s just with yourself. Not everyone has the same tastes or budgets so make sure you discuss your expectations well before starting your engines.

The Accommodations

Ace-Hotel-Palm-Springs Make hotel reservations before you leave. You can always get a room at a motel 6, but the hotel you were thinking of staying at may get sold out if you didn’t plan ahead. There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for somewhere to sleep when you’ve been on the road all day. Worst case scenario if you decide to stay somewhere longer or change your schedule you can always cancel a reservation.

If you’re having a hard time making all of these choices from scratch there are a ton of road trip diaries and suggestions online you can follow. Don’t stress yourself out! And if you find the time, it doesn’t hurt to make a kickass playlist for the drive. The right songs can put you in the right mood (Beyonce fans you know what I’m saying!). Feeling inspired throughout your vacation will help you find those perfect epic moments. Happy epic road trip planning!

  • What a wonderful post. So helpful 🙂
    Btw I’m from Nicaragua born & raised 😀 i moved to Greece when i was 10 Years old i Lived There 4 years And then i moved to USA. 😬 Currently living in Dc.
    Thanks for Sharing This with us Gorgeous.
    Kisses, Raysa

    • kandjasylla

      That’s where you get your beauty from! I never would have been able to guess. Funny coincidence! Have a fabulous weekend gorgeous!

  • Mom

    When my man an I take little road trips, we like to talk and chat with EVERYBODY! We address every one as if they were old friends, we are extra happy, friendly, chatty and people enjoy our craziness. You also have to be extra spontanious and stop everywhere that pick your curiosity. Our special “road trip attitude” makes for great times!

    • kandjasylla

      I agree! I made friends at almost every gas station, lol! I think being on vacation just does that to people 🙂 xx

  • This is such a great post! My boyfriend and I will be taking a summer road trip from Cali to Chicago so we will definitely keep your tips in mind. Love your blog so much girl!! Xo, Sharon |

    • kandjasylla

      That’ll be so fun! I can’t wait to follow it through your blog! xx

  • You have made me really want to go on a road trip now!! Great advice. 🙂

    Much love,
    Marianne x

    • kandjasylla

      You definitely should Marianne! I love any excuse to go on a vacation 🙂 x

  • Best way to plan a trip ever ! Now let’s plan one 🙂 . Thanks to share this tips with us :).

    • kandjasylla

      Yay! I’d love too! x

  • Szandra Csetényi

    Now, me and Musa know, how to plan a fabulous trip. 🙂

  • Mona Cristo

    Such a great post!

    This is perfect since its finally summertime!

    • kandjasylla

      Thanks Mona! I love your blog!! x

  • Love this post! I’m such a fan of road trips and definitely think that great snacks make a big difference! Thanks for sharing! XO

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