Get to Know me: Birthday Edition

Social Media is a hard beast to control. I still struggle to show my personality and share my true self without misinterpretation. 140 characters can only get you so far… My girlfriend Richa from Fancier’s World recently tagged me in a get to know me- 4 things post. While I’m normally not a tag girl, I’ve been following Richa and her gorgeous family for quite some time now. And despite our back and forths on snapchat, I learned more about her from her post (read her answers here) than I could from any insta caption! So here’s a little more about 24 year old me, in a little more than 140 characters:

PS: I’m a human that has completed 2 full revolutions of the planet Jupiter now! Aka, I turned 24 yesterday 🙂

PPS: You know when you forget to take your 50c hairbands off your wrist for photos? Oh please god don’t let this happen to me on my wedding day!

Kandja- get to know me

Kandja- Pretty Weird bombshell

Get to know Kandja Sylla


Get to Know Me: The Birthday Edition

4 places I’ve lived

I have moved over 18 times in my 24 years! Here are a few places from the list anyhow:

  1. Ghana: I list Ghana first because I adore this gorgeous country! I partially went to high school in Africa and it was a magnificent experience. The weather is constantly agreeable, and the food- phenomenal!
  2. Los angeles: Many of my relatives on my father’s side still live in LA. I try to head back 2-3 times a year to visit and chow down on my grandma’s african cooking and play catchup.
  3. Sault Ste. Marie: Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how we ended up here. Both of my parents are VERY nomadic to say the least. I spent a year in the Sault as a 7 year old, playing football in the streets with the little boys. Luckily enough, I looked so much like Mowgli that no one noticed when I would play skins!!
  4. Vancouver: I have been in Vancouver for 5 years now. I originally moved here for UBC. Then like all good stories I fell in love, both with the incredible city, and with my beautiful Justy Bear. I know, I know- gag. But now, I’m excited to call such a stunning city home!

4 places I’ve visited

My family always prioritized travel and life experiences when we were growing up, so luckily for me, I could go on and on for this list. Here are some of my favourite recent adventures.

  1.  The Amalfi Coast: BRUH! Justin and I had a blast on our Europe trip this year! And honestly, Positano may just be my favourite somewhat populated place on earth yet. The food was spectacular and I could really get used their kind of beach living!
  2. Indio, CA: The Indio Valley is packed with gorgeous hotels and restaurants and has a majorly enviable 70s vibe. Not to mention, Coachella was POPPING last year! Watching Lionel Richie watch Ice Cube on stage was one of the best highlights!
  3. Paris: Justin and I visited Paris again on our trip this past summer. French food, wine, art, and shopping is a blogger’s dream! Je suis une blogueuse. *hair flip*
  4.  Ivory Coast: My father is part Ivorian, and it was magical visiting a place that formed part of my bloodline. I’m obviously a sucker for African food, and Ivory Coast KILLED it! Honestly anything I tried (from street carts to well rated restaurants) was beyond memorable! My mouth is watering just thinking about acheke…

get to know Kandja Sylla

pretty weird bombshell- Kandja Sylla


4 TV shows I watch

I have to be honest, I rarely sit down and fully concentrate on TV anymore. I often use Netflix as background noise when I’m working on Pretty Weird Bombshell’s social media or writing blog posts.

  1. Luke Cage: This bad to the bone series is a spinoff from the popular Netflix original Jessica Jones. Luke Cage battles his (and his neighbourhood’s) demons in a sequence of popcorn worthy action shots. Plus, the plot is awesome opossum!
  2. Ted X talks: I feel good about listening to TV when I’m learning something or being proactive about my mental health. Why we do what we do by Tony Robbins is one of my go to watches when I’m struggling to find work/ life inspiration.
  3. Family Guy: Just duh.
  4. Scrubs: I wasn’t really allowed to watch TV in high school (thank god for books!) so I caught up on cult classic shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer as an adult. Currently, I’m bingeing on season 3 Scrubs.

4 Favourite Foods

I think it’s no secret that I love a great meal- or canapé, or dessert, or snack…

  1. Fufu and light soup: This is a west african staple made from plantain and cassava and a spicy light soup with some sort of meat or fish. I would run a half marathon in the rain for this meal! Please, if you are Ghanaian or Nigerian and live in Vancouver and are reading this- I will PAY you for food! #sendhelp
  2. Macarons: There’s a cafe in Vancouver called Thierry’s that makes the absolute best macarons I have ever had. Hands down. Sorry Paris.
  3. Charcuterie Boards: I have to admit, I make a killer charcuterie board. It’s all about the pickles, organic olives, varieties of cheeses, sopressata, salami, prosciutto and fancy crackers.
  4. Spaghetti alle vongole: I ate this almost every day in Italy this summer! There’s something so fantastic about a homemade pasta with mussels and clams in a white wine garlic sauce…

Get to know Kandja Sylla

Kandja Sylla Birthday

4 Favourite Drinks

I’m not a particularly fancy drink person. Most days it’s flat water all the way. Some days I add tea, or actually remember to drink my kombucha. I didn’t grow up in a soda drinking family, so the bubbles and the sugar freak me out a little (says the girl that can crush a family pack of twizzlers in one sitting).

  1. Water: Do you ever get so thirsty that nothing but fresh cool water can quench your thirst? Or is that just me?
  2. Green Tea: Coffee gives me the jitters, so I like to stick to green and white teas for a gentler caffeine boost. Jasmine is my go to. I also like to add a little unpasteurized honey in the colder months to help fight away any bugs.
  3. Kombucha: If you don’t drink Kombucha already, you should really look into it! It’s an ancient fermented tea beverage with a large bacterial culture that is the bees knees for your intestinal health. It comes in tons of flavours and is actually quite delicious.
  4. Tequila: For those younger than thou nights, it’s tequila for me 🙂

4 Pet Peeves

  1. People who make insensitive comments about race/ religion: I’ve heard my fair share of inappropriate comments about how Hindus are this or Muslims are that. Everyone is beyond entitled to an opinion. But if your opinion is hateful and you’re in a public space, keep it to yourself. Also travel more you dweeb.
  2. Slow Internet: When I was growing up there was still dial internet! So I’m not sure where I get off on my technology impatience, but I’m used to LTE speed now. 3G really grinds my gears!
  3. When my weave starts falling off: Lol! But really though. I love weaves and extensions and playing dress up in general. So when those clips start giving up and sliding down your head… It’s no bueno…
  4. Rick Ross: I feel awful singling him out but he just annoys me. The sound of his voice hurts my bones! I can barely sit through one of his songs. It’s pretty weird.

Kandja Sylla

get to know me Pretty Weird Bombshell


4 Interesting Things About Me

  1. I founded and run a meet up group for young ambitious women in Vancouver. There are 900+ members already!
  2. I LOVE octopus, like adore eating it. But alas, I haven’t eaten it in nearly a year. I decided not to eat octopi once I realized how intelligent they are. Did you know they can solve rubix cubes? Dude, I can’t even do that!
  3. I designed this dress myself and had it made in high school. I’m quite relieved it still fits actually!
  4. I speak 4 languages: English and french fluently, spanish conversationally and twi (a Ghanaian dialect) I understand conversationally but can speak on a more “casual” level.

So thanks for taking the time to get to know me better guys! This was fun! xx

I’m nominating these four:

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  • Style hue

    You look simply stunning! I loved reading this getting to know me tag 🙂 I had no idea you moved so much.
    I just finished watching Luke Cage a few weeks ago! I binged watched it.
    Also Thierry is my favorite for macaroons. We need to go there sometime 🙂
    Just realized I need to start drinking more water.
    Thanks for thinking of me boo 🙂


  • Mary Powers

    First of all, WOWZA!!! You are stunning! Second of all, Happy birthday!! And third, I loved hearing about you! I love when people do these posts because like you said, all we see is what’s in little squares and it’s so fun to get to know people more. Thanks for sharing!

  • Girl you are beyond gorgeous!! Thank you for doing such a great writeup! And again loads of wishes and hugs for your birthday!
    I always knew you were a nomadic soul but I never knew you were from Ghana. I would love to try fufu and soup!
    It was so good to know about you besides knowing how to spell Kandja. (I always used to spell it like Kanye with a ya! 😉 )
    You are super talented and fun. Stay the way you are and keep inspiring us with your posts!
    Richa | Fancier’s World

  • Wow! That dress is soooo beautiful on you! I am mind blown! <3 xo, sharon

  • I’m glad that you decided to do this tag as it’s is such a fun read! Wow, I had no idea that you lived in so many countries growing up but it’s good that your parents brought you up to be worldly.

    ps: You are rocking that dress! Stunning!

    Reflection of Sanity | b·liv Skincare Set Giveaway

  • Nicole Parise

    These photos are gorgeous!
    xx nicole

  • Thanks for sharing all these facts about you. You are well-traveled for sure. 🙂 Love this stunning gown on you!

  • Wow! You are one awesome lady! Happy birthday! This dress is just stunning on you! Thanks for letting us get to know you! Beautiful photos!!! xo

    Luci’s Morsels | fashion. food. frivolity.

  • Antonia Ortega

    You are amazing! Happy Birthday sweetie, thank you for sharing.

    Lots of love


  • Raysa Garcia

    Hello my beautiful friend!
    First of all thank you for tagging me. It means so much to me. 2nd – You are a true beauty inside and outside. Seriously, you look beyond gorgeous in this dress.
    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks again for the tagging and for sharing this with us all. I adore you beautiful girl!
    Stay gorgeous as ever! Xx, Raysa

  • Dear Kandja, first of all, I wish you all the best for your birthday and I hope, you had a wonderful day!
    Well ignoring the fact that I really adore your writing style and your concept of pretty weird bombshell, I am even more loving your blog after this post. you are such an amazingly inspiring person – you did / experienced soo much in only 24 years, that just blows my mind – so thank you for sharing all those facts with us.
    And I think I do not have to mention your pretty dress on the gorgeous pictures do I? 😉 amazing!
    Hugs from Switzerland
    Janine from

  • Ahhhh I loved reading this post beautiful. And you say that you struggle to convey your personality but reading this just felt like we were chatting face to face 🙂 Happy birthday gorgeous momma. You’re such a lovely person & your positivity & drive is infectious. It’s nice to learn a few more random facts about you! Oh my god though – can Octopus actually solve a Rubix cube? I knew they were intelligent but whaaaat!

    And thanks for the nomination too – my blogiversary is coming up so perfect timing 🙂 Oh and also: “But if your opinion is hateful and you’re in a public space, keep it to yourself. Also travel more you dweeb.” – LOL. Love it. xxxxx

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    GODDESS!!! Looking gorgeous as always doll. Great styling! Happy anniversary!
    Much love, Len

  • Ruthie Ridley

    I loved getting to know more about you!!! You are on well-rounded and well versed individual. You’re a leader and you’re a boss!! 4 different languages, that 900+ people meeting up! Would love to be friends in real life!! You rockkkjj

  • Beautiful shots! I love the gorgeous dress!!! You look like a goddess!

    – Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  • Love this post babe!
    You are stunning and these pics are super cute!
    Loved reading about you, and inspire me to do something similar!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Toyas Tales

    Happy belated birthday! It was really cool getting to know more about you!

  • Happy Belated!! These were fun topics and I enjoyed reading your answers and learning about you. This is my first time here but I am loving your site and you sound like an awesome person! That’s a pretty impressive travel list. I can definitely get down with that. 😉

    Hope you are having a great week lady!


  • Wow this is so beautiful. I love the dress. Gemma x

  • Pisa

    Happy belated birthday my love!
    You look amazing in this dress! Loved reading about you! You’re so inspiring :))
    Thank you so much for letting us get to know you!
    Have a great week gorgeous!
    Love, Pisa

  • Happy Birthday lady! I have never heard awesome opossum before, but I’m totally stealing it. If you love workplace comedies, try the Office or Parks and Rec. Both stellar.

    xx Yasmin

  • You look beautiful babe and i just happened to read your post as Richa also tagged me! It was fun knowing you 🙂 And wish you a very happy (belated) birthday!

  • Omg you look gorgeous! Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was great! 🙂


  • This was such a fun post! Rick Ross? Ha! That makes two of us. I LOVE Ted Talks; although I haven’t tried listening to them while working. I guess I need to be able to see every facial expression. Happy Belated Birthday!

    – Jasmine K