Eco Tan Self Tanner Reviews #Melaninpoppin

Eco Tan Self Tanner Reviews #Melaninpoppin

Eco Tan Cacao firming mousse

#Melaninpoppin with Eco Tan

I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever used a self tanner- let alone done a self tanner review 🙂 Ethnic girls, contrary to popular belief, get pale during winter too. Most skin types tend to look a little bit more sickly when there’s no sun involved… Then what do you do when you don’t want to subject yourself to skin cancer, but do want to subject yourself to fabulous gorgeous mesmerizing skin? I’m guessing you should do what I did, and self tanner it up.

As an African woman, I’ve typically relied on my own melanin (with the help of a little sun) for that rich healthy glow. However, I’ve been reading more articles lately about celebrities and models who, even though they have darker skin tones, use tanning products as a beauty secret… So if you’ve ever wondered “can black girls even self tan?”, the answer is absolutely yes! Anyone can.

Eco Tan Body Milk

Eco Tan Review- Vancouver blogger

Eco Tan Review

To be honest, I didn’t see a SHOCKING difference from my self tanner before and after. What I did notice, however, was a more even skin tone, and a deeper pigmented look. Nonetheless, the lighter you are at the beginning of the tanning process, the more striking the results will be.

Using self tanners like Eco Tan may more of a pain in the butt than going down to your local beach and baking for a few hours… But there’s zero risk of sun damage…

Research has shown that the more melanin contained in your skin, the higher your natural skin SPF (sometimes upwards of SPF 15). Even so, skin cancer can affect us all; we are all susceptible. Being cautious of how much sun you expose yourself to can save you from carcinogenic melanoma in the future. Whether you have pale skin or dark skin. Which is why reaching for certified organic tanning products is becoming more and more trendy.


Eco Tan results (before self tanner and after)


Eco Tan after application (before and after)


4 tips to prepping your skin and making your self tanner last:

1. Shave/wax the morning of: Shaving/epilating/waxing naturally removes some of the dead cells on the upper epidermis of your skin. If you wait to do this after tanning, you’ll pull some of the tanner of with it. Once you’ve removed the hair, wait at least one hour before continuing with the self tanning instructions.

2. Exfoliate first: Self-tanning stains the very outer layer of your skin. This is made up of old and dead skin cells (as well as gorgeous new ones). If you don’t exfoliate beforehand, those skin cells will slough off after you tan, taking the colour with them.

3. Wait until your skin is dry: I like applying moisturizer to damp skin because it helps retain hydration. But this isn’t what you want to do before applying self-tanner. Instead, make sure skin is completely dry before moisturizing.

4. Apply moisturizer sparingly: Now that you’re dry, it’s time to turn on the artist in you. You’re going to be rubbing on your tanner, so you want to “prime” areas that are problematic—knees, elbows, ankles, heels, or any other areas that are likely to absorb too much product. Eco tan has a luxe body milk that’s perfect!

Companies like Eco Tan by Sonya Driver care about skin of all sorts, across the board. Their products are not only designed to make white girls look pretty. They’re designed to even skin tone, add vitamins and nutrients to your skin, in an organic, toxic free, cruelty free way. I’ve since used my Cacao Firming Mousse 4 times, and am still going strong. Let me know your favourite ways to keep your skin healthy below! x


  • I’ve become such a stickler for SPF that people now comment on how pale I am LOL. So I definitely need a little boost to attain a glow this summer. I used to be a lot more obsessed about appearing golden bronze when I was younger, but as I’ve aged, I started to embrace the paleness. I think our (western) society is pretty messed up when it comes to dictating what skin color is “in.” Too light and you’re sick. Too dark and you’re unattractive and unmarketable. It’s a sick game that sets up a battle of the skin colors for some odd reason instead of embracing all shades.

    That said, and exactly like you pointed out, not everyone is blessed with an EVEN skin tone. ;p I’m one of those people whose skin gets a bit splotchy so I want to even it out a little bit. I love using a good self tanner mixed with a bit of moisturizer to diffuse the color a bit (I tend to get muddy looking- the unfortunate effects of being pale LOL) and even out my skin. It adds a hint of color for a nice glow and I don’t have to use foundation on my face to boot. ;p

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  • Zia

    Im a self tanner junkie as Im quite fair, thanks for all the tips! x ~Zia

  • Follow My Gut

    Since I’m on the darker side of the color spectrum I don’t have to tan however my best friend struggles when the winter comes. Since your tan looks AMAZING I totally want to let he know about this because it looks great on you!

    Danielle | <3

  • Katrina Fernandez

    Luckily I already have tan skin hehe but this post is very informative! Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo, Katrina Isha