Choosing the Right Foundation: 6 things to conside...

Choosing the Right Foundation: 6 things to consider

Holy mother of contouring…

I don’t know if you feel the same, but I am OVERWHELMED by our current beauty “standards”. It’s commonplace, if not expected, for women to step out with fully made faces all day every day. Not to mention the botox, lashes to the moon, and fillers to go with it! And even though I can appreciate someone else’s daily glam, I tend to like to keep my beauty routine simple and under 20 minutes (shower included). As a result, my everyday makeup bag has a mascara, a brow pencil, a couple go to lip colours, and one fabulous foundation. I do not usually make time in my life to contour- thats what editing skills are for!

Even so, I don’t often wear foundation, mostly because my skin loves it’s personal space. I also tend to steer clear from foundation as a matter of habit. I have wasted hundreds of dollars embarrassing myself with the wrong products! After trying everything from Covergirl to YSL, I found out the hard way that choosing the right foundation that can be a real headache… Especially if you care about not looking like a cakey, discoloured Frankenstein…

Below is the amalgamation of what I’ve learned is important when buying a concealer or foundation. I hope you can learn from my many mistakes and find a flawless product that suits all of your skin needs the first try around!

6 things to keep in mind for choosing the right foundation:


It is often said that the best things in life are free, but you also get what you pay for. To find a happy marriage between the two, choose a brand that suits your wallet and is also certain to take care of your skin. There is no point in penny-pinching on crappy products that are harmful to you in the long run. That said, there is also little sense on splurging your hard-earned cash on out-of-budget brands when there are similar more affordable choices. If your foundation is the right match for you, we won’t be able to tell whether it’s Maybelline or Dior!


You already know what it is boo. To hide your acne scars, freckles (freckles are so gorgeous though!!) and other tits and tats that you may be self conscious of, choose a foundation with higher opacity coverage. Lighter coverage is best if you’re just looking to even out your skin tone and keep a really natural look.


We all know to reach for foundations that resemble our skin colour. But you can’t forget to take tone into account too. The tone of your makeup will make the world of difference under natural lighting! I cant tell you how many times I’ve noticed men and women’s makeup jobs for the wrong reasons.

Pay attention to the undertones in the products you’re shopping. Are they more peach or olive? And which suits you best? Note that most makeup counters will let you take home a sample before you make a purchase. This way you can test the foundation at home under sunlight, candlelight etc before you make the splurge.


This is where you should really pay attention! Apparently the wrong kinds of chemicals in makeup can not only ruin your skin, but can also cause cancer and poisoning (among other things)! Take care to avoid chemicals like BHA, BHT (which can cause cancer), parabens (which negatively affect the male reproductive system), and dibutyl phthalate.

Skin type

Basically if you have oily skin, you want to choose a foundation that has a dry-matte finish. If you have more dry/ sensitive skin, ideally you’ll want a product that keeps you hydrated and smooth throughout the day…


Last of all, but certainly not least, you’ll want to choose a foundation that is essentially you. If you’re always on the run, busy with work and meetings and rushing from one place to another, you’ll want something that is quick and easy to fix. If you have more time on your hands to doll up, you may want something that will last longer, so your prettifying efforts don’t go in vain. Ultimately, every girl will have her own run of the show, so be creative and considerate of your lifestyle!


Even if you don’t reach for your foundation everyday, when you do, you deserve a product that perfectly suits your needs. So best of luck finding your heavenly match! xx


  • Yes, these are all great tips! Choosing a foundation is SO tough. I’ve stuck to the same MAC foundation for yearsssss….I keep trying to get something different but it never works out!!

  • love these tips girl! picking a foundation is so tough especially for me because i hate dewy skin by default… lol i want something that is super matte and will last all day! i personally love chanel’s perfection lumiere because it’s matte, provides good coverage, and lasts all day with minimal touch-ups needed 🙂 xo sharon

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    omg I love your awesome tips! Choosing a right foundation is hard. I love my Nars. Thanks for sharing!
    Hope you are having a good week so far.
    much love, Len

  • These are awesome tips girl. Choosing the right foundation is hard and annoying! Well, for me it is. Trying to match my undertone is challenging because I have both yellow and orange (and tiny bit of red) undertones throughout my face. And I find most companies don’t take that into account for darker skin. They usually just have warm or cool shade. I usually end up mixing two shades. But so far Mac seems to work best.
    Have a great week beautiful!

    xo, jackie

  • Great tips babe! Finding the right foundation is so important otherwise the makeup looks cakey or like a ghost haha. I am a huge MAC foundation fan.

    xx, Kusum |

  • Haha that opening line there!! Seriously though, I love this post. It takes me around the same amount of time every morning to get ready shower and full face of make-up (I’ve had people look at me as though I may die in front of them when I’ve gone out with no make-up on!). I am rubbish at contouring so I gave up trying lol. Great tips for choosing a foundation. I’ve switched back from luxury brands to drugstore now because they’re actually better for my skin!

    Ellie |

  • Caroline Ross

    I wish there was one that covered my acne but let my freckles shine! Great article!

  • Elena Zahir

    Totally agree with the bit about tone! I bought foundation with a yellow undertone before, which doesn’t suit me at all. Although it was the correct color, it looked terrible on me… Some things you have to learn the hard way haha. Really enjoyed reading this and your picture of all those amazing foundations is ah-mazing – looks like straight out of pinterest! Great post! XXx Elena Zahir (

  • Oh my gosh thank you for including ingredients in your list! I try to be so careful what I’m putting on my face these days and it’s made a huge difference! I’m loving bb creams lately because they’re full of good stuff and so light weight!

  • This is brilliant, great that you’ve researched the harmful ingredients. Since I’ve grew older I have become soooo weary about the ingredients I put on my skin and even what I put in my hair. I have been using the Arbonne makeup for the last few years and its the only one I use because they have pure, botanically based ingredients and the coverage is x10 better than any MAC foundation (which I loved for years until I found out they test on animals). Seriously I swear by the arbonne liquid foundation, if you want me to give you a discount to try out their products just give me a little email!

  • Sarah M Velasco

    This is amazing! These tips are definitely going to help me pick my next Foundation! My skin changes by the season which is so annoying! Looks like you have amazing skin complexion 🙂


  • I’ve recently started using Estee Lauders Double Wear and am in love with the texture and coverage of it. I’ve tried so many foundations and some of them are just horrible on my skin! I totally didn’t know that some of the ingredients can cause cancer :O – thanks for sharing!!

    Helen xx

  • Really like the one from Nars, that’s the one I’m using. 🙂
    xx finja |

  • Girl this is such a helpful post! I still have yet to find that perfect foundation for my skin. I’m SO pale in winter compared to summer, so I always need multiple shades! LOL

  • This is such a great post. I love all the tips mainly because of the fact there are so many options when it comes to foundation. Sometimes it’s tough finding your true shade. But most of fall finding the right ones to wear during different seasons. Love!!

    Insta @jseivad

  • Dionna Chambers

    Great article! Seems like a constant battle as a woman! Ahhh! I’ve found Giorgio Armani and I LOVE IT!

  • Aubrie Engman

    This is such a great article because I have been trying to figure out a good foundation for me and the tips were very helpful!

  • Nadia

    20 minutes to get ready including the shower? Girl, you’re a superhuman! It takes me at least 45min (up to an hour) if I don’t run around like mad getting ready. I couldn’t agree more about the importance of a perfect foundation. I am a foundation wearer and having a suitable brand, shade, content is essential. So many have disappointed in that department and even broke me out. But it’s good to try them and know for the future + help others not to make the same mistake.
    xox Nadia

  • Amanda Lauren

    20 minutes shower included is amazing! There’s no way! I usually take about an hour to get ready, but I also have my daughter to get ready with me, so maybe that’s why it takes so long – when it’s just me I still take like 30 minutes (outside the shower). Great post!