Chantz Clothing

I’m all about supporting other girlbosses, and luckily, I’ve met my fair share since moving to Vancouver. There’s something truly inspiring about surrounding yourself with people that are working hard for their dreams. Success and ambition rub off on people just as much as negativity and laziness can. Hard work pays off, and the two Vancouver local sisters who started Chantz Clothing certainly put the work in!

pretty-weird-bombshell-minAnnette and Jessica recently made their childhood dream of owning a clothing store come to life. Less than a year after inception, they are already a Vancouver concept shop and runway favourite. Through Chantz, they have created a beautifully curated, surprisingly affordable collection for women that love trends, as much as a great deal.


4 Reasons to Shop with Chantz

1. Great Sizing & Fit


You’ll probably notice in the first three seconds of their homepage that Chantz is all about looking cute, but still being really comfortable in soft neutral cottons and pretty nude knits. Their clothes fit any body type, from petite to tall, and are easy to style for both day and night.

2. Shipping on Point


WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! I love these two words together! Living in Canada means you don’t always have access to the same shipping freedoms as you would in America. So online boutiques that ship internationally are a must (unless I’m in a window shopping mood of course). With Chantz, you even get free shipping on orders of $80 or more. Plus, you can eagerly track your packages like the little package trolls we all are…

3. Easy Return Policy


Chantz has a full refund policy, so you can always buy it now and return it if you later decide you probably shouldn’t have spent the money. Client service is very important to them. Customers are encouraged to contact them with any issues and usually receive responses within a day.

4. Girl Boss Mentality


If beautiful clothes, worldwide shipping and fabulous refund policies aren’t enough for you, know that when you shop at Chantz you are supporting your young entrepreneurs in their goals. It’s definitely not easy putting yourself out there, but when a girl boss community forms, there’s not much that can stop it from there.