The Blogger Content Creation Challenge

The Blogger Content Creation Challenge


Three months ago, I was on the blogging ball. Posting on my blog was the numero uno priority. Somehow I would crank out 2-4 posts of at least 400 words per week and feel GREAT about my productivity. However, three months ago, I wasn’t as deep into other Pretty Weird Bombshell projects as I am now (or feeling as much chronic anxiety to be honest). So naturally, my blog/ content creation has suffered…


I’m over feeling a mediocre amount of inspiration and going through the motions. I’m over being guilty about not being more active and connecting more deeply with you. I’m over trying to spread myself thin in a dozen other directions and the anxiety that goes with it. Girrrrl, I miss the feeling of putting myself into my blog- regularly.

I know many of you reading have your own blogs, so you most likely know what I’m going through. As a creative, there are endless ups and downs of inspiration and motivation. Usually, I am at the mercy of my inspiration. Creation eludes me without it, even when I’m mindful of my state.


I am sick and tired of waiting for that invigorating feeling, so I just won’t be waiting anymore. Starting the first, I will be posting every weekday on Because sometimes, the most effective way to get back into a routine is to force it… So if you’ve been on a similar page as me, and you’re looking to get out of a content creating rut, join me and challenge yourself!

Content Creation

The Content Creation Challenge

Essentially the challenge is increasing the amount of content you publish per week for the next month. If you usually post once a week on your blog, challenge yourself to 2-3 times instead. Or if you’re like me (a painful perfectionist) challenge yourself to post every day of the work week. Which is a far cry from my current measly every 8 days! With any luck, the habit will stick and we’ll return to being a content creation MACHINES.

Now I know that producing a post every weekday may sound intimidating, but is it really when you have the flexibility to post anything from a meaningful quote or song, to a full fledged short movie? So if you’re down to join a girl squad and get out of that rut, all you have to do is:

1. Comment below what your content goals are.
2. Link to your posts in the latest PWB post threads so I can comment/ do the same/ stalk your work 🙂


Besides the obvious instilling good habits, at the end of the month, the first 3 bloggers who accomplished their quotas will receive a $50 Gift Card! Best of luck beauties, and email me if you need anything at all. Good things come to those who work for them! xx

Content Creation



  • This is amazing. I’ll definitely join in. Thank you for the inspiration. 💓💓

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Best of luck xx

  • Chynna Miley

    My goal is to post 3 times a week for the next month! Starting today! I’ll keep you posted! I love this challenge. My blog posts will consist of event recaps, opinions and entrepreneur advice and tips!

  • Ashvin Nankoo

    My NY resolution is to post at least twice a week and I have been able to do that. Also the love the whole outfit and the boots is really cute!

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Yasss! Good for you to sticking to your NY resolution 🙂 and thanks for the lovely compliments x

  • CL

    Love this challenge! My goal is to post 2 times a week. Let’s do it! Also I love your style!

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      You go boo! xx

  • Sarah M Velasco

    Hun, we’ve all been there. I’m fairly new to the blogging world, but I put so much pressure on myself to put out spectacular content that it can sometimes give me anxiety as well ! My goal is to post a minimum of 2 X a week!


    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Ugh, I don’t know if this is terrible to say, but I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  • Caroline Ross

    I hope to post every week! You’re so ambitious with posting every day!

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      lol, they may not be great, but thanks Caroline! xx

  • Love how this giveaway is motivating and inspires others to get new content out! Blogging comes with so much pressure, and lately I feel like I’m spending way more time networking and barely enough time for creativity and writing posts!

    Chow Down USA

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      I think that that’s what happened to me! I started focusing ALOT on my social, but my poor blog! haha


    I totally agreed with you. I am struggling between my 5 classes and writing a blog. I am inspired, thanks for sharing.

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Ermagerd! I’m so glad I didnt have a blog when I was in school… 5 classes and a part time job almost killed me- without the blog!

  • Glad you’re feeling better! This challenge is definitely a source of motivation, and thank you for sharing your struggles!


    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      I’m honestly NOT feeling better haha. But I’m pretty tired of feeling like I’m in a work funk. Hopefully this gets me out of it!

  • Inspiring post! Everyday is quite a challenge 😉 my goal is to stick to 2 – 3 better – posts per week!

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      You go girl! I’m rooting for you! x

  • first of all, I am so proud of you girl! I was busy fixing my website recently, so did not have an opportunity to post much. But actually yesterday i made myself a promise to post 2-3 times a week. So your challenge came in the right time. I totally join you for this adventure xxx

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Thats a great posting schedule! I think at the end of this challenge I’ll settle into 2-4 times a week (which is still one hell of a load!) xx

  • brownpaperdoll

    Hey love! I totally know what you mean… I feel the same way all the time. I’m really proud of you for breaking the habit and creating content. I can’t wait to keep up with all your new posts! xo, LA

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Thanks mama! And ermagerd I am so in lurve with your logoooo!!!!

  • Shakela Fortson

    My goals are to:
    1) Work on completing my content. I will start projects, but either don’t finish them or never post the finished article!
    2) Post at least 1-2x per week. Since I’m just starting, I don’t want to put too much on my plate too soon.
    3) Create different types of content!

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      This is a great plan boo! It’s always harder when you’re new because there’s so much to learn and build!

  • you look so chic girl! i love this challenge and am trying to keep up with 2 quality blog posts a week. can get hectic on a busy schedule but it’s much more doable than blogging daily which i managed to do before (i don’t know how anymore) haha! xo, sharon

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      I remember how often you were posting!! That was INSANE sharon 🙂 But I agree its hard to keep your standards when you post more. This challenge is just a temporary fix to get me back into the groove xx

  • Your new hair colour is perfect on you!!! It looks so gorgeous. Posting more than twice a week is SO hard for me right now. But in a couple of weeks I’ll be free and might do more!

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Twice a week is better than Ive been doing! keep it up mama

  • none

    My goal is to keep up on my twitter and fb accounts more. i have the least traction and success there.

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      wishing you luck! x

  • Nikki Austin

    My goal is to post once a week. Unfortunately, I have not been consistent of late.

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Girrrrrrl, I feel you! There must be something in the universe lol xx

  • Thank you for this post. I needed this post ha.
    I recently moved my blog, so my goal is to stick to my editorial calendar with 2-3 posts each week.
    I struggled hard with sticking to it before, so hopefully the switch and push will help and this post is definitely motivating in that direction!

  • I love this! I’ve been the same, before Christmas I was solidly doing 3 posts a week but thus year I’m doing 2 sometimes 1 a week and I’ve got posts I want to write but no photos to go with them. I find this constant Vancouver rain/ snow makes it more difficult to get out and get photos that are different, you just end up bundled up all the time lol! I can’t wait to get good photos again that I feel good about putting on my blog! Great post!!

    Ellie |

  • Kelly Alex

    We used to be so good at posting more and we have slowed down a lot! The work week definitely gets in the way for us but we are going to try to post more

  • Yay!! I’m already posting 5 days a week and tbh with you, I do think I could do even better if I posted 3 times a week and focused more on writing the best posts ever. But I love the connection and creativity of blogging daily. As you write, forcing yourself to do something is also a way of becoming more creative and inspired. So welcome to the club of “pain in the ass but so much fun”, lol! Will be happy to stalk your daily hun! Xx

  • Kate

    Wooow I wish I could post so much ! But with my full time work and allll those stuff I’ve to do, it would mean stop sleeping aha (and seriously I need to sleep XDD)
    Love your words baby, totally feel you

  • Couldn’t agree more, we are all so efficient some weeks and the complete opposite other times. Love this challenge and I think it will surely help post everyone to do their best.

    xx, Kusum |

  • Toyas Tales

    Round of applause! I have to take baby steps though , lol. I already post about 3-4 times a week. So maybe I can squeeze an extra post … just maybe.

  • Rina Doria

    Such a great challenge babe! My goal is usually 3 times a week but sometimes it has only been 2 depending on what happened for me that week. I would say I’m pretty consistent with it overall though so I’m happy about that =)

    Rina Samantha

  • Amy

    Loved this babe!! It can be so hard to post consistently, you’ve done a killer job though! Plus it isn’t quantity of posts that matter, but quality! Love that you always keep yours interesting, light, and FRESH. I’ll take that over 3-4 mediocre posts a week anyday 🙂

    xx, Amy

  • Thea Perez

    Love that you came up with a challenge for the community and also you are so open about your own struggles! I find it difficult to post more than once per week because the blog is a support of a larger venture and keeping all my artists working and motivated takes up a fair amount of time.
    I know that it is vital to grow your blog’s exposure, though, so I a big goal of mine is to keep finding fellow bloggers to collaborate with so we can link to each others’ blogs and support each other. If anyone is interested in this, take a peek at mine and let me know if you are interested in collaborating.

  • Fabiola Zefi

    You just inspired me! I religiously keep up with my social medias but when it comes to actually blogging, I’ve been dropping the ball (and constantly feeling guilty about it)! That’s it! No more feeling guilty, but actually doing (like the doer that I am)! And I could not agree with you more “sometimes, forcing something is a good way of getting back into habit”… or something like that 💋. Thanks for the jet lagged, late night read ❤️.

    Xoxo @fabfoodandthecity