The Big Voluminous Pony (with Irresistible Me)

The Big Voluminous Pony (with Irresistible Me)

I LOVE the big voluminous pony look! A gorgeous high ponytail can be really easy to do too. Especially when you have a little help from some beautiful extensions (wink wink)…

I recently partnered with Irresistible Me to bring you a quick and easy tutorial for this simple and elegant look. No more stressing out about getting those last minute texts from your girlfriends to join them for dinners and events you were NOT prepared for. Now you can throw on your go to little black dress, moisturize those gorgeous legs, and get your high pony on- Beyonce style.

The Big Voluminous Pony:

Step #1: Tie your natural hair into a high ponytail. If you have shorter natural hair like I do, use bobby pins to clip your baby hairs up too.

Step #2: Wrap your high ponytail into a tight bun. This will give the extensions a more stable base to be attached to. I’m not into worrying about my weaves sliding off!

Step #3: Take your Irresistible Me extensions (I’m using the 22″ pony in colour #4), and attach the clip to the base of your bun. Then use the little satin straps to further secure the extensions to your bun.

Step #4: Take a small piece of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the base. It’s important to hide the satin straps and make it look more natural.

Step#5: Finally, brush it out and walk out the door with that voluminous pony like the fiercely fabulous queen you are!

Let’s try to give Beyonce from the Met Gala a run for her money honey! xx