8 Amazing Dragon Fruit Benefits

So besides being a super photogenic fruit, what exactly does dragon fruit do? We often see them starred in pretty fruit smoothie bowls on our social media feeds, but there is more than meets the eye with this mouthwatering fruit. There are a myriad of surprising dragon fruit benefits, all of which should have you grabbing them by the bunch!

Dragon fruit is a rare commodity in North America and Europe. It travels a long way from Asian countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Pitaya, as it is alternatively called, is a picture perfect fruit from the cactus family that has a scale-like outer skin resembling the scales of a mythical dragon (hence dragon fruit). It tastes a lot like a kiwi, and has a reddish-pink inner rind that can REALLY stain. I like to use the rind as a natural lip stain for full rosy lips without the chemicals. You’re welcome!

[custom_blockquote style=”eg. green, yellow, purple, blue, red, black, grey”] “We often see them starred in pretty fruit bowls on our social media feeds, but there is much more than meets the eye.”[/custom_blockquote]

8 Amazing Dragon Fruit Benefits

dragon fruit benefits

1. Heart-friendly

Dragon fruits only contain 60 calories each, so you can load up on them without the consequences of eating some of our other favourite snacks. They are also rich in flavonoids and monosaturated fats that are known for reducing bad cholesterol and keeping your heart in tip-top condition.

2. Cleanses Your Digestive System

We all know that fiber is the hero of our digestive health; it is like a broom that sweeps away toxins and help prevent constipation–which can be a literal pain in the arse. Luckily, dragon fruits are chock-full of fiber. You know what they say- “a dragon fruit a day will keep constipation at bay”. (Except don’t quote me on that. I’m pretty sure no one says it…)

3. Anti-aging

Dragon fruits are so rich in antioxidants they will give your bottle of red wine a run for its money! Due to its high Vitamin C content, dragon fruit will keep your skin youthful and glowing. It also fights free radicals in the environment that can leave your skin looking haggard. Not to mention, with such a high phosphorus content, this fruit will help prevent premature aging too!

4. Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

The significant fiber content of this fruit has been proven to regulate blood sugar and even control the rush of sugar to your blood stream after consuming sweets. Chow down on some dragon fruit after you raid your little cousins halloween stash so you don’t crash as hard.

5. Prevents Acne

This is one of my favourite dragon fruit benefits! The high Vitamin C content of this fruit makes it an awesome topical ointment. Mush a slice of dragon fruit until it becomes a paste and slather it on your pesky acne. Let it sit for a minute or two while you read your favorite book or jam to some 90s TLC, then rinse with cool water. For best results, use it twice daily until those damn pimples go back from whence they came!

6. Anti-inflammatory

Even if you don’t suffer from joint pain, dragon fruit is still for you. Thanks to its high vitamin and mineral content, it alkalinizes the body and helps alleviate AND prevent arthritis symptoms.

7. Boosts Your Immune System

Thanks to the vitamins found in the dragon fruit, consuming it regularly can definitely keep your immune system up and running well. Its high antioxidant levels also fight off bacteria and viruses. Not only that; its 80% water content can help flush out toxins that can cause certain diseases.

8. Wards off the Big “C”

Ghosts and goblins scared the heck out of us when we were kids. Now, we found in adulthood that diseases like cancer are even more terrifying. Thankfully, regular exercise and a proper diet can help us defend against certain cancers. Dragon fruit seeds are full of antioxidants, like phytoalbumins, that aid in fighting off free radicals which trigger cancer cells to grow and multiply. Eating superfruits (like acai, dragon fruit, blueberries, etc) is a great way to give your body a fighting chance.

dragon fruit benefits

You’ll find dragon fruit is luscious and refreshing on its own. But don’t miss out on yummy smoothie recipes either! Throw pitaya into your blender with some spinach, blueberries and coconut milk for an easy, vitamin packed treat. And if you still don’t want to eat dragon fruit for the myriad of health reasons, for the love of god, do it for your next Instagram DOTD (Drink of the Day) post…


  • Boyu

    I grew up with dragon fruits in Vietnam and I’m so glad you wrote about this exotic fruit 🙂 It’s absolutely delicious and not too many people know about it!

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    I love dragon fruit (since it is my fruit..dragon coming at you:p), but I had no idea it was good for so many things 🙂
    Anti aging sounds like something I need !!!


  • A side from being tasty, who knew dragon fruit had so many health benefits?!

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    Wow! I’ve never tasted it hopefully one day I will. Thanks for sharing pretty!


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  • They are definitely photogenic, had no idea about the health benefits though, or have never thought of it! So happy to know this though, have to eat it more often! Xx


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    I love dragon fruit — super yummy and healthy!

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    I have never had dragon fruit before but if it taste similar to kiwi then I will probably like it. I know I can use any help combating adult acne.

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  • These are fab tips! I LOVE dragon fruit but I didn’t know any of these facts. Thanks for sharing, girl! 🙂

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  • Had no idea it did all of this! I’ve never tried it, but have always wanted to. Maybe I’m just afraid of trying it because I don’t know quite how to eat it haha. But it’s such a fun fruit.

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    Dragonfruits are SO pretty but oddly enough I have not tried them before! :O Now that I know about all the benefits, I think it’s time to go to some grocery shopping….. 🙂 xo, sharon


  • Dragonfruits are stunning but I’ve never actually tried them before! Nows the time I guess.

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