Trending: Affordable Coats under $50

Trending: Affordable Coats under $50

The cold days are well settled in now. If you’re the type of girl who hates the cold, there’s really nothing to celebrate. With the exception of those occasions when you get to cozy up to a warm fireplace with a blanket over your shoulders and a hot cup of cocoa to soothe those freezing hands (like real life people even do that). More realistically, you have the opportunity to be very bundled up.

It’s gonna be one brutal winter season as far as the weathermen are concerned. Now is the time to rock all of the fleece you’ve ever owned boo! But for the days where you don’t want to look like the Michelin Man, here are some SUPER gorgeous and MAJORLY affordable coats:

affordable coats

The Waterfall Coat

What’s not to like here? It’s sophisticated AND it’s warm. The belted version will help accentuate your figure. Plus the longer hemlines will help keep that booty snuggly too!

The Wool Coat

Wool coats are amazingly chic for something so simple! They have been consistently in style since the 20s, so you can never go wrong with one of these babies. Whether you’re looking for a coat that you can dress up with pretty heels, or one you can dress down with nikes and a hoodie, the wool coat is a must have!

The Duffle Coat

Here’s something a bit more casual, but more on the professionally-passable side. However, this more informal coat’s quilting will keep you extra warm.

The Faux Fur Jacket

In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle… there is rarely snow- but leopard spots are fashionable! Faux fur has been really trendy for the past couple years. This is definitely the jacket to bring out your inner fashionista. There’s nothing more glamazon than a fabulously fluffy faux fur coat!

*Remember to keep it synthetic. Bombshells don’t support the fur trade.

The Parka

Here’s another synthetic fur-trimmed coat for you. For something less bombastic, try this on for size. It’s simple enough for casual, but stylish enough for a professional setting.

The Suede Coat

Suede always looks so good! But it’s not an inexpensive material. Because it’s hard to clean on the spot, be careful with what liquids you have around you with this one. That said, if it’s snow you’re trying to weather, suede may not be the best pick for you…

The A Line Coat

The A line coat is classic and chic, and currently, very trendy. More sophistication than rocket science here 🙂

The PU Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are so easy to style! They are my go to for that effortless cool girl factor! However, it can be hard to stay warm in a cute little jacket. And because I’m personally not into the long Matrix leather jacket look, I steer more towards the leather jacket when I can afford the heat loss!

The Fleece/ Faux Shearling Coat

If you want to go all casual, there’s this option. You don’t need to break the bank on some named brand that everyone and their mother wears either. Fleece seems to be bouncing back this season. But a word to the fashionably wise- this is more of a trend than a classic.

affordable coat

  • Emily

    So many beautiful coats to choose from! Thanks for sharing!
    x Emily

  • What a gorgeous coat! I can’t believe it’s under 50. These are also great finds!

  • This coat looks so chic and elegant, I love this look!

    My Vogue Style |

  • I love your coat, girlie! The color and waterfall style are so lovely and I love all the different coat styles you’ve shared here, so helpful! I’m not a fan of the cold weather, after New Year’s, I’m wishing for spring, haha! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you’re having a great start to your Monday so far!



  • I love those fake leather jackets. I have several!

  • You look beautiful in your waterfall coat girl! The colour is fantastic on you and I love your choker too. I’m currently hating the colder weather but it does help to have some nice coats to get you thru the winter season. Love your selection and great price points too!

    xo, Jackie

  • Your coat is gorgeous!! I’m loving these affordable options 🙂

  • Lisa Sell

    I love buying coats! You can never have too many as the look needs to adapt to what you’re wearing. Your guide will certainly help me acquire some more for my wardrobe.

  • Maria Jose Abad

    Camel coats are my favorite ones, I get cozy just by looking at them!
    MariaOnPoint | Find me on IG

  • Gillian Kent

    Wool coat and A-line are my favorites!

  • Such a great coat! Love the camel!

    xo, Jennifer

  • I absolutely love coats and jackets. I just can’t stop buying them. Cute choices!

  • Babies to Bookworms

    I love these! Especially the waterfall coat!

  • shannon

    Love the waterfall coat! Great color and cut.

  • Samantha Sito

    Oh hayyyy darlin! Loving this post and loving how hot you look in this trench! Happy Holidays!

  • Aisha Sylvester

    These are all pretty hot! Love love love them! But the waterfall is my FAVE 🙂

  • Ahhh I love a sleek winter coat! I don’t get the opportunity to wear mine very often here in FL. I love to visit home or travel to colder cities and get all bundled up. I love the featured tan coat in your photos!

  • That waterfall coat is gorgeous on you! Definitely good for this arctic weather lol!! I love duffle coats, I had a red one until recently and it was my favorite:)


  • Bethany Edwards

    Gorgeous coats!! Great selection!!

  • jacqueline

    I was just telling my friend how much I need coats! I always think they’re gonna be so expensive. I’m about to go get me that waterfall coat! Thanks for the tips!

  • Nicole Parise

    I love collecting coats every season, it is so much better to be warm an fashionable than miserable!
    xx nicole

  • What a gorgeous trench coat! I love how you styled this outfit. There are so many coats available that I always have a hard time deciding but I think it’s great when you find one as stylish as yours!


  • Monika

    I love the coat you are wearing! It looks so lovely on you. And wow so many options!! I always suck at picking one 😀 Have a fantastic Bali trip babe!

    Monika |

  • All your outerwear picks are amazing! I especially love the outfit you have on! The coat and choker look gorgeous on you!

    xo, Chloe //

  • A good coat is a must in your closet!!! I love the camel coat you are wearing!

  • That coat is gorgeous on you! Love the different styles you shared – I think I definitely need one of each! Happy holidays love! xoxo

  • What a beautiful shoot

  • Great timing for this post… especially those living up north!


  • brownpaperdoll

    I have an obsession with coats, so these are all such great picks! I also love that camel color on you. So pretty! xo, LA

  • That coat is amazing! I love love love outerwear and this is right up my alley!


  • Coats, coats, coats! Definitely needed this season. I love the one you’re wearing in this post. The styling is perfect!

    – Jasmine K

  • I’ve been seeing faux fur coats everywhere lately! They must be on trend this season! I would love to get a classy wool coat to add to my collection. The longer styles are gorgeous but I would be afraid they would overwhelm my 5’2 frame!

  • Toyas Tales

    All great options! A warm wool or puffer coat is a must have where I live because it gets so cold. Loving the camel coat you are rocking!
    Happy Holidays!

  • Totally loving the coat you’re wearing in these shots! And I’ll definitely be bookmarking some of these for winter!


  • Coats are just awesome additions to every wardrobe and you’ve picked so many fabulous ones here. You wear camel so well too girl!

    Helen xx

  • Nadia

    A good statement coat completes the outfit perfectly <3 I absolutely love yours, beauty! it's so stylish and lovely! I am a huge fan of waterfall coats. Must invest in one ASAP <3
    xox Nadia

  • GIrl, you look amaze! I’m dying over this trenchcoat. It’s definitely on my list!!

  • Tan is my favorite for fall and winter. Love how you paired it with the booties.
    Cozy coats are a must for me. Love all your picks.
    Richa | Fancier’s World

  • I love the winter but I hate being cold, so that’s pretty much where my nr 1 problem is at the moment hahah. I did double jackets last week because it was THAT freezing and it was the first time I felt that I could make it work this year haha. Anyways, so many great ideas and picks for coats. The next one I’ll invest in will be midi-length and in an a-shape, perfect one for layering! Have a lovely week babe! Xx