10 Things Every New Blogger Should Know

10 Things Every New Blogger Should Know

Blogging. It really is one of those fantastic things in life that almost always starts with a hobby. And sometimes, with a butt load of hard work and endless persistence, your blog ends up becoming a successful business…

Pretty Weird Bombshell is already coming up on 7 months of existence. That is both A LOT of time and almost no time at all! I’ve grown immensely since first launching my little women’s lifestyle blog. Pretty Weird Bombshell is NOT the same beast it was when I first started blogging. I’ve learned what I love about my blog and what I want to focus on. I’ve also learned what I enjoy less, and how to outsource or compromise on my weaknesses. There are days where I question how far I’ve come, or how far I can go. But on most days, I revel in how far I’ve come and how far I can go!

It’s not easy being a new blogger, but these ten tips/ tricks have helped me get this far. Hopefully they will help you too!

10 things every new blogger should know

Pinterest- 10 things every new blogger should know

You will keep improving –

Whether it’s your writing style, your choice of topics, or your photography, there is always room for improvement, and with time, you WILL improve . You don’t need to be 100% perfect coming out of the gate. Baby steps have to be taken before you learn to run after all, so avoid the temptations of falling into despair over that gorgeously active professional blog you’ve been a fan of since forever. Don’t compare your 3 months to someone else’s 5 years…

Be consistent –

Post regularly. I’m still working on figuring out what schedule works best for my brand, but I’ve noticed huge traffic increases when I post 3 times a week or so. Nothing is more off-putting than an author who leaves a hungry audience waiting too long. It is hard enough to keep readers hooked in the first place, so be consistent and persistent!




Make the most of your social media –

I cannot stress this enough. Leveraging my social media has opened Pretty Weird Bombshell to opportunities I would not have had with my blog alone. So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Shameless self-promoting seems to be frowned upon in our society. But what’s so awful about having the guts to put yourself out there? Confidence is key here—always believe that there is a place for your ideas on your friends’ newsfeeds.

Follow a media posting schedule –

Posting content on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. is more rewarding when you’re consistent rather than sporadic. I promise you you will grow your followings by following efficient media schedules. There is little point in posting during lulls in internet activity. Observe your audience’s most active times and plan accordingly.


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Revel in your accomplishments-

There will be moment after moment where you feel overwhelmed by how much there is to get done. Nonetheless, your accomplishments should never be pushed under the rug. Take the time to celebrate that post you’ve worked so hard on, or your recent social media growth. You are a boss just for starting something! Appreciate yourself, it will fuel you in the future!

Find your niche-

This. Takes. Time. I often read articles on how you should have a specific niche when you start your blog. I strongly disagree with this. Being new to blogging is when you SHOULD dabble in all the things you’re interested in. Allow your blog to be a shit show if you need it to be. Just remember to keep being proactive on finding your niche. Stay with your passions and your niche will find you.


things every new blogger should know


Invest in your blog financially–

It isn’t necessary for you to shell out money on your blog. However, setting money aside for programming help, advertising, and a self hosted domain will help you reach your goals sooner. I occasionally boost my blog posts on Facebook and Instagram to grow my audience more quickly and gain subscribers. Like any other hobby, sometimes you need a new hockey stick, so don’t shy away from purchasing something you truly need to get to the next level.

Nurture your passions–

This was mentioned under “Find your niche”, but a little emphasis never hurt! Remember why you started your blog. That feeling of passion that had you start your blog will keep you going through those dog days when everything seems bogged down and heavy. If you’re passionate about food blogging, take the time to enjoy a new restaurant or cook at home without the responsibility of blogging about it. Nurturing your interests will push back that being burnt out feeling.


10 things new bloggers should know


Be patient with monetization–

You know what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same thing goes for your blog and monetization; it will be a slow, grind-it-out process that will milk many days of worry and doubt out of you. Just keep pushing these thoughts apart because a consistent and active blog will eventually start to pay for itself. Patience is definitely a virtue, one that can have large dividends in the end. After all, good things come to those who wait/ grind it out.

Never stop growing–

Sustained excellence can always be built upon for even greater things. Don’t grow complacent once you’ve reached a certain goal. A new blogger should always add more goals, add more content, improve writing, work on photography, advance your editing skills. Build your blog with the intention of being the best version of itself that it could possibly be. That being said-


Pretty Weird Bombshell- 10 things every new blogger should know




  • These are some great tips… Thank you so much for sharing this post 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!! <3

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Happy Sunday Ritu!

  • Style hue

    Your best post to date boo! I love all the advice and I totally agree on not knowing your niche right away.. It’s like u said sometimes u got to dabble a little to find your passion or path if u will 🙂

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Wow thanks Camilla! I really appreciate that!
      I’m going to start sharing more blogging posts xx

      • Style hue

        ☺ That’s a great idea! I plan to share more advice too

  • Thank you for these useful tips – I can definitly need them since I am a fresh blogger 🙂
    Hope to be as successful as you one day 🙂
    Hugs from Switzerland
    Janine from

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      You’re very welcome Janine, thank you for stopping by!
      And don’t stop working on your blog 🙂 Your photography is fabulous! x

  • These are great tips. I completely agree with you that we need to invest some time, effort and money into our blogs. Hard work really pays off.

    • Kandja Abigail Sylla

      Thanks Izabela! I’ve never regretted investing time or money into PWB! It is hard for me to find a blog/ life balance sometimes though…

  • Anna Monteiro

    Such a great post girlie! Cannot believe its been only 7 months for you. You seem like a pro! Blogging is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work! This post is very encouraging,


  • This is a great list. Lately I have been trying to refine my niche and have been getting anxious over having the paid gigs come in regularly. That does stress me out. Patience.
    xx Jenelle

  • Raysa Garcia

    Love these tips babe! You are doing an amazing work. Keep it! 🙂
    Xx, Raysa

  • AngeliePangilinan

    These are really amazing tips! <3 I'm a seasonal blogger but been posting a lot lately and it really helped increase my traffic 🙂

    Angelie // Masungi Georeserve Vlog

  • So many great tips and ideas for new bloggers! Love the idea of always growing and improving. Also so important to stress the importance of being regular in the posting schedule. And of course, social media will be your new best friend! Xx

  • Aline Leite | Art of Curating

    This is such a great post! Love the tips you gave and I’m inspired to try some new things now. Thank you, Kandja!

  • I couldn’t agree more, these are amazing advice and I’ll be sharing this post so hopefully it’ll help some new bloggers out there. This is a good one!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Wonderful blogging tips! Patience is key for sure. 🙂

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    such a great article! I agree with everything you said.

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    Great post love! These tips and ideas are amazing! I have to try new things :). Thank you so much for sharing!
    Much love,

  • LOVE this post! These are so true! I have a hard time with comparison, so thank you for reminding me that I shouldn’t compare myself with someone that’s been blogging for years and years. Constant growth it definitely key for success! And everyone’s blog journey looks different 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  • Ella-Roe

    Great tips and your an absolute stunner!

  • This is such a great post and such wonderful advice!


  • I’m new to blogging and found these tips really useful 🙂 I love writing and sharing things with others, you do learn each day. Will look at your tips to try and increase my traffic xxx