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Cleaning Makeup Brushes, Still?

Most of us know by now how important makeup brushes are to achieve flawless, perfect makeup. A good ‘ol trusty brush can turn you from an amateur I-Don’t-Know-How-to-Blend-My-Concealer newbie into...
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3 Ways I Get Through A Busy Day

Like most of you busy babes, my schedule is usually packed with work, gigs, social events, and all the responsibilities in between. There are days where the only break I...
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  • 8 amazing dragon fruit benefits

8 Amazing Dragon Fruit Benefits

So besides being a super photogenic fruit, what exactly does dragon fruit do? We often see them starred in pretty fruit smoothie bowls on our social media feeds, but there is more...
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OMG It’s Long Enough! X eShakti

I’ve lived with struggling to find the right lengths and cuts of clothes for years. Jeans are NOT made for my length of leg. Neither are short dresses, which on...
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Chantz Clothing

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